Ivy Cole and the Moon by Gina Farago

Book Review



“Sometimes there are folks in this world who deserve a good killin’…”

Ivy Cole has returned home to Doe Springs, North Carolina, a quite community in the Blue Ridge Mountains, imbued with a special gift—one that erupts howling on full-moon nights, and serves as judge, jury, and executioner for those who warrant a violent end.

But something else has returned as well. Cruel and hungry, it stalks the innocent and is closing in on everyone Ivy loves. Now, as terror rises like the moon over the Appalachian peaks, the beasts within are coming out…and the good souls of Doe Springs are praying for dawn.

Ivy Cole and the Moon is a two book series written by Gina Farago. Unfortunately, Ivy Cole and the Moon and Luna (its sequel) are the only two books this author wrote in the werewolf genre. Her other works include a children’s book, The Yearning Tree: A Children’s Bereavement Resource, and Making Do: How to Cook like a Mountain MeMa, coauthored with Lois Sutphin.

The first book in the series leaves you wishing you had the second one so you could pick up where it left off. If the remodeled cover won’t convince you to read it, the prologue will. It sucked me in right away and had me twirling my toes in anticipation, I even read it twice before proceeding to the first chapter. I am a huge fan of prologues and this one had my head reeling, in the good kind of way.

However, the horror seemed to diminish almost instantly and had me checking the spine to ensure if it really was a horror book I was reading. Even now I still check the spine. Naturally when you think of the word ‘horror’ you think gore, blood, guts, people screaming and running away from the bad guy, etc…or at least I do. And the prologue had all that, with a promise for more, a promise that fell short but not unintentionally (more on that at the end).

The last books I read that had horror, or some level of it, were Rulers of Darkness by Steven Spruill, a modern spin on the vampire genre, and, my all-time favorite, The Dark Tower series by Steven King. Even with the falling short horror element, the book had many other entertaining elements. The fact that the author went to Wolf Park, an educational facility located in Battle Ground, Indiana, to interact with real wolves, was very interesting.

Overall, the book had its own group of odd characters, interesting villain, and unexpected twists. I especially liked Deputy Melvin Sanders, Ivy’s love interest, and found the main protagonist easier to tolerate.Though I couldn’t relate to her problems, she had me debating my idea of right and wrong, and cheering for her to kick some serious bad guy ass. The new take in werewolves was something worth reading all on its own.

Being emerged in nothing but romance and fantasy books as of lately, Ivy Cole and the Moon offered a new take to the horror genre and was both refreshing and the ending left me wanting more. I still wish there had been a bit more of the horror element it presented in the beginning and at the end, even though the author stated she was going for something a bit different that the usual monster story.

Sum it up: A werewolf story with a mild taste of horror and a drop of romance.

What I liked most: The prologue and the ending.

What I liked the least: The epilogue, it was confusing and created a great gap in the story.

Would I read the sequel(s)? Yes! Not to give away the ending, I really look forward to finding out how Ivy takes the turn of events and if she gets her happily ever after.

Hope you found this review useful. If you have your own take on the book feel free to share it with us. This marks our second book review, with many more to follow.

Next book review is up for grabs, haven’t decided which book to finish reading first. Got a suggestion, drop us a line.


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