Defending Serenity by Loribelle Hunt

Book Review

Boyd Graham spent ten years in prison for defending the woman he didn’t dare love. The town bad boy, he didn’t need anything good in his life, especially when that good came in the form of a cop.

Lynn Jameson spent the years atoning for sin. One night of passion and its consequence was enough to teach her to distrust sentiment. As the new police chief dealing with a smuggling ring on the Florida Gulf Coast, the last thing she needs is Boyd showing up. Can they find a way to come together or will they be forever at odds?

Defending Serenity, an erotic romance novella written by Loribelle Hunt and published by Liquid Silver, is the first in a two part series. It deals with Boyd Graham, an ex-convict, reuniting with his old time crush Lynn Jameson after serving 10 years in prison. The setting is pretty tense from the beginning. Boyd is set to enact his revenge on the woman who let him rot behind bars, but not before claiming her body as his own. The fact that Lynn is now the new police chief in their hometown adds further strain to his plans.

The story starts off fast, providing enough detail to make it easy for the reader to follow along. It slows down enough to allow the more sexual scenes to play out fully. There is a good balance throughout the story, the situations are believable, and the characters are easy to like. Not to mention the dab of action towards the end was a plus. Though it was slow building, hidden among the numerous sexual scenes between the two main characters, the action was a nice touch to bring everything together.

There were a few minor confusing parts in regards to the villain of the story, which I won’t go into detail to avoid spoilers, that took a while to finally grasp. But overall this book was a pleasure to read, a quick read worth the time. I have read a few erotic stories, mainly those that lean more towards the erotica than the romance type, and this one was one of the ones I liked best. It had a nice mixture of provocative words and stayed clear of the corny sexual innuendos.

Sum it up: A erotic romance with some action.

What I liked most: The ending, it had a nice sweet touch to it.

What I liked the least: Not enough action, I am a junkie when it comes to action/drama/suspense.

Would I read the sequel(s)? Yes, I would love to see Boyd’s brother, Walter, and Grace become a couple.

I decided to move the review on My Highland Lord by Tarah Scott to next month, it will be our first book review of the month. Hope you enjoyed this review and feel free to share your thoughts of any of the books discussed here.

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