A Beating Heart by Bonnie Dee

Book Short Story Review


A Free Short Story by Bonnie Dee

A Free Short Story by Bonnie Dee

A depressed vampire has a mind-bending enounter with a stranger in a laundromat one night.


A Beating Heart was written by Bonnie Dee in 2010 and currently available as a FREE download at her website. The short story is supposed to be an opposites attract story. It deals with a man who was turned into a vampire and hated his immortal life. He doesn’t want to feed, but neither does he want to die.

He meets a woman at a Laundromat in the middle of the night and one thing leads to another. Though this story was under 9 pages, the writing was good and it made for a fair quick read. Stories this short can be hard to grasp since there isn’t much room to develop a character or build credible circumstances.

And what seemed to be an overused self-loathing vampire story turned into a somewhat confusing, unique redemption story coated with eroticism. I would have preferred a more convincing self-hating vampire like the one played by Brad Pitt in the movie Interview with a Vampire, but then again wouldn’t we all.

Maybe if we had been shown a bit more of how he felt towards drinking people’s blood instead of just being told? Or if the scene had taken place in a dark alleyway instead of a Laundromat, I would have enjoyed it more than I did.

Sum it up: An erotic paranormal short story.

What I liked most: The twist in the story, though it was obvious by the title. 

What I liked the least: That we were told the main character was a lone, self-hating, and depressed vampire instead of being shown.

Would I read the sequel(s)? None to read, but I might try reading one of her longer works.

Hope you enjoyed this quick review, short stories need love too! Our next book review will be on Ruthie Knox’s How to Misbehave, a steamy novella.


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