The Five Kingdoms of Severi Season Two KickOff

Season 2 Now Available

About the Series

The Five Kingdoms of Severi is the longest original series I have written. It is a Fantasy/Drama series published by BigWorldNetwork and available in episodic format. New episodes release every Thursdays.


In a time of peace and treaties, the five kingdoms of Severi lay unguarded and open to the dark hearts of man. Terdune, a neighboring land that had been at constant war with Severi, was defeated over 20 years ago. All threats were eradicated and its lands left without a ruler. Now a new evil has taken up reigns in Terdune and slowly makes it way to its adjacent sister.

Edwin’s village is attacked and he is forced to travel halfway across the second kingdom to the King’s Hold. Along the way he must learn the true power of the gifts that were bestowed upon him and discover the meaning of the dreaded fate attached to them.

Excerpt: (Season 2 Episode 1)

“Edwin, Alden,” Adella called out, desperation ringing in her voice. She struggled to her feet and let a soft curse escape her lips as she put weight on her right foot. “Ah,” she moaned, biting her bottom lip and taking another step forward.

She had no idea how bad their wounds were. She ignored her sprained ankle and staggered towards the two young men. Her eyes widened at the large amount of blood soaking into Edwin’s clothes and at the deep gash on Alden’s arm. If she didn’t move quickly, they both would die.

Adella rushed to Edwin’s side. Kneeling next to him, she pressed her palm against his chest, the blood sticking to her hand threatening to break her resolve. A chill ran down her spine and she closed her eyes forcing back the vile taste in her mouth. Like before, she concentrated on directing her mind towards the words she needed.


The well-known tingling sensation rushed through her to the tips of her fingers. She opened her eyes. “Gehælan bealubenna.” The last word of the spell fell from her lips and her eyes turned black.

A white light formed under her hand, its glow increasing and refusing to stop. Something was wrong. She moved her hand back but it refused to budge. The intensity of the light was almost blinding and she yanked on her wrist with her other hand, trying to cut the connection. If her magic didn’t stop flowing out, it wouldn’t be Edwin who would die.

“Stop,” she cried out. Panic filled her and she tugged harder to no avail.

A bright light flashed and the connection finally broke, causing Adella to fall back and her eyes to return to normal.

“What are you?” she asked more to herself than to the unconscious Edwin. She moved back to him and peeled back the blood stained shirt. Her shaking fingers wiped at the blood and a sigh of relief escaped her lips at the touch of smooth skin.

She had done it. Edwin was saved, but she had almost killed herself in the process. She glanced at the young prince. His eyes were still closed, his complexion pale. Adella took another deep breath and made her way to Alden.

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Thanks for taking the time to read about my series. Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak of season two. And stay tune for more excerpts of this series and other stories in the works. If you’ve written a series of your own I would love to read it.


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