For 2 Days Only: Free eBook Spotlight

Still been keeping myself busy writing, recording the audio for my series The Five Kingdoms of Severi, and reading. Before I finish up our next book review I wanted to include our first post on free eBook reminders. Every month I plan to showcase at least one eBook that is free, whether it is for a limited time or one that I recommend personally.

This month we have an eBook published through BigWorldNetwork, Just Kill Me by Wendy Herman. It was recently released on September 7th and it is already a Best of the Month over at Amazon. Just Kill Me is a mixture of drama and action. Below is the synopsis and a few links of where you can get the book. The book is available in print, eBook, and audio format. I also recommend that you keep an eye out over at the publisher’s twitter account. They normally post a link on any free eBook promotions they have on their releases. It is a great way to try out their books.

To get the eBook for free for today and tomorrow simply click on the Buy from Amazon link.



Freya is a typical Soccer Mom whose picture perfect life is envied by all who know her.  She has a successful, loving husband, three healthy boys, a quirky but devoted best friend, and a naturally fit body most 40-year-old women only dream of.  But after her youngest son, Rowan, nearly dies in the middle of her kitchen, her outlook on life changes drastically. Deciding to fulfill her long-forgotten dream of becoming an FBI agent, will she unwittingly force a choice between the two men in her life? Which one truly loves her and which one will she choose?

Buy from BigWorldNetwork

Buy from Amazon (Free for today and tomorrow)


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