Write-a-Thon Goals


October Madness Write-a-Thon starts tomorrow, six days of intense writing. Are you ready? I posted a blog about this event last month and I am excited to take part in it. I wish everyone who is attending the best of luck in their writing.

Here are my goals for the event, though a bit late.

  1. Attend the Twitter Chat on Wednesday
  2. Attend the second Writing Sprint on Saturday
  3. Finish the last two chapters of season two of The Five Kingdoms of Severi: Book One (currently 1248 words) 
  4. Write outline for season three of The Five Kingdoms of Severi
  5. Finish the sixth chapter of my Merlin fan fiction, Unraveled Destiny (currently 457words)
  6. Write first draft for my erotica short story, Sexual Therapy

The word count I am hoping to reach is around 8K, not including the outline or any blog posts I will be posting during the event.

If you haven’t signed up for this write-a-thon I recommend that you do. There are currently four prizes up for grabs during this event. Also, there will be no book reviews until after the event has concluded. Thanks for stopping by and keep an eye out for future posts on my progress.


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