Challenge No.1: October Madness


Today is the first day of the write-a-thon. The first challenge requires one to roll a dice four times and use the selected choices to create a plot in five minutes. And here are my results.


Challenge #1: Brainstorming

Character #1  A Child

Character #2 A young mother

Setting Middle of the desert

Object A set of keys



A young mother takes her child to visit the museum. They stop to look at a glass display of a set of keys. Both are entranced by the object and the red stone in the center of each key. The child steps closer and a bright light flashes through the room. When the light vanishes both are standing in the middle of the desert.


A bit short, but the idea of magical keys that transport one to different places is too great to pass up. This might make a good YA or children’s story. I might try this method out in the future when I am fishing for plot ideas and who knows maybe I might take this challenge further and actually write a story from it.


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