Challenge No.6: Reading Influences

Challenge It is the last day of the write-a-thon and thus the last challenge. This time it dealt with picking three books recently read and showing what one learned from them. This challenge was hard in the sense that I had a tough time choosing only three. As a writer one is required and encouraged to read, what better way to learn how to write than from learning from books already written.

Here are my choices…


Book One: How to Misbehave by Ruthie Knox

This book showed me that one shouldn’t be afraid to create a story from even the most natural and overwhelming situations. In How to Misbehave the story began with a natural disaster and held many delicate matters an author normally tends to avoid. The hero had a dark past that might not appeal to every reader, but at times a dark past is needed to break the cliché.

Want to read more about this book read my review here.


Book Two: The Ring of Five by Eoin McNamee

Even though I haven’t finished this book yet, I first started reading it because it was not the normal book I read. This middle grade book deals with a overused theme and gives it a twist that makes it one of a kind. The main character is a young boy who finds himself in a school that teaches the art of stealing. From what I have read, this book deserves to be pointed out. Not only does it help to prove that detail can be left minimal, but if used right it can carry more weight than extensive detail. Good things don’t always have to come in large amounts.


Book Three: Icy Temptation by Marisa Chenery

This book taught me that books don’t have to be great for you to learn something from them. Icy Temptation showed me how easy it is to underuse a great theme. The concept of angels in this story was unique and interesting, however, the overall story lost itself in scenes that didn’t help move the story forward.

Want to read more about this book read my review here.

And there you have it. What books have you read that have helped you improve your writing or the way you perceive your work?


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