Write-a-Thon Conclusion


I apologize for the lateness of this entry. Didn’t have the chance to post a report on the goals met and the results of the Write-a-Thon until today.


  • Attend the Twitter Chat on Wednesday
  • Attend the second Writing Sprint on Saturday
  • Finish the last two chapters of season two of The Five Kingdoms of Severi: Book One
  • Write outline for season three of The Five Kingdoms of Severi
  • Finish the sixth chapter of my Merlin fan fiction, Unraveled Destiny (currently 457words)
  • Write first draft for my erotica short story, Sexual Therapy


I was only able to complete three of my goals and two of the challenges. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and not to mention I won a copy of Mechanized Masterpieces: a Steampunk Anthology.

anthologyAmid a cacophony of cranking sprockets and cogs, in chuffs of steam and soot, comes the expansion of classic literature into alternative Steampunk masterpieces. Follow nine skilled authors as they lead old friends and new acquaintances through Jamaica, Singapore, Cape Town, Denmark, Paris, London, and Geneva on a phantasmagorical Steampunk World Tour.

Tropic of Cancer: Edward Rochester battles the elements and Bertha Mason to save his brother and his own soul.

Sense and Cyborgs: Privateer Margaret Dashwood makes port at Singapore to get her husband back on his feet.

Micawber and Copperfield: Wilkins Micawber and David Copperfield create a legacy of loyalty in the Royal Dirigible Corps.

Little Boiler Girl: Power has a price, and one city unwittingly demands an enslaved child pay it.

The Clockwork Ballet: At the Palais Garnier, the Phantom trips the light fantastic with Meg Giry, the prima ballerina of his mechanical troupe.

His Frozen Heart: Jacob Marley saves Ebenezer Scrooge from robbing his wife’s grave and selling his soul.

Our Man Fred: Scrooge’s nephew, Fred, and his fiancé, Mary, protect the Empire from mechanized malfeasance.

Lavenza, or the Modern Galatea: Victor Frankenstein’s bride discovers more than his horrific experiments on her wedding day


I look forward to reading it. And don’t forget November is right around the corner and so is NANOWRIMO.


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