Chains by Rowan McBride

Book Review



Short description

There are many dungeons within the castle, and Saiven–the seventh son of a vicious king–has seen them all. But one was special. One had always stood empty. Until now.

Extended description

A new prisoner has been brought to the castle. They say he’s a warrior. They call him a demon. They whisper that he can grant wishes.

Saiven can’t resist. He sneaks into the secluded dungeon to see, but the man chained to the wall is not what he expects. Smiling. Teasing. He introduces himself as Faolan, and Saiven is caught.

This…man. He makes Saiven feel things he should not feel. Draws forth confessions that were meant to stay secret. Faolan freely grants him warmth and laughter. But now…

Now it’s time to find out if Saiven is strong enough to earn a wish.

Who wrote it and what’s it about?

Chains, a short erotic story written by Rowan McBride, deals with a curious prince and a special prisoner. It is a story that deals with forbidden love and desires. About overcoming your fears and giving in to what you want.

What is there to like?

The writing is well written and the twist at the end is quite enjoyable.

What could have been better?

As with all short stories, characterization isn’t a strong point. Would have loved a sequel.


Worth the read and steamy. But keep in mind it is a BL story meaning male/male relations.


Hope you enjoyed this brief review and the different format used. Wanted to keep things fresh for this book review. Apologies for the tardiness, been quite busy with the third and final season of my online series the Five Kingdoms of Severi Book One.


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