Devil in the Details Editing Services


It is hard enough for a writer to finish a manuscript and not to mention the rest of what is needed before the story can reach its final draft. There is hunting for beat readers, endless editing and revision, cover design, and formatting. Don’t forget submitting if you are going the traditional method.

To cut down on some of those mind boggling to do lists here is a great editing service I recently stumbled upon.

Devil in the Details Editing

It is run by Sharon. She does line editing and content editing. Her prices are a steal at $.0015 per word.

And not to mention that gets you:

  • 1 pass of edits which include both content and line editing
  • Limited copy edit
  • 1 blurb edit/consultation
  • Cover feedback

Some of her credentials include guest reviewer for Love Romance Passion, co-owner of Katie Dalton’s review site I Smell Sheep, a beta reader for over two years. If that isn’t enough check out her website and scroll through the list of books she has worked on.

Happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoyed this sweet find.


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