Online Series Season Three Kickoff!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

Here is another sneak peek of Season Three of my online series, The Five Kingdoms of Severi. Book One: The Keys of Destiny will come to an end with this season and I look forward to working on the second book in the trilogy. Don’t forget to catch up on the previous seasons, which you can read over at BigWorldNetwork.

Season 3 Now Available

About the Series

The Five Kingdoms of Severi is the longest original series I have written. It is a Fantasy/Drama series published by BigWorldNetwork and available in episodic format. New episodes release every Friday.


In a time of peace and treaties, the five kingdoms of Severi lay unguarded and open to the dark hearts of man. Terdune, a neighboring land that had been at constant war with Severi, was defeated over 20 years ago. All threats were eradicated and its lands left without a ruler. Now a new evil has taken up reigns in Terdune and slowly makes it way to its adjacent sister.

Edwin’s village is attacked and he is forced to travel halfway across the second kingdom to the King’s Hold. Along the way he must learn the true power of the gifts that were bestowed upon him and discover the meaning of the dreaded fate attached to them.

Excerpt: (Season 3 Episode 1)

The darkness gave way to the coldness and Edwin stirred. He pressed his hands against the soft ground and sat up, snow clinging to his numb fingers. He rubbed at his thin tattered clothes in an attempt to bring back the feeling in his arms and stared at the whiteness around him.

Layers of falling snow blinded his vision and stuck to his face. The wind seemed to increase by the second, blaring past his ears and making it impossible to see further than a few inches in front of him. A chill ran up his spine and he clung to his wet jacket, doing his best to ignore the dampness clinging to every inch of his body.

“Alden, where are you?” Edwin shouted, forcing his cold limbs to move. He rose, his boots sinking into the snow and almost causing him to lose his footing. “Alden, Alden…Alden!” he called out again and again as he looked around for his friend, the howling wind threatening to drown his voice in its fury.

A worry started to form in Edwin’s mind. The last thing he remembered was being in the King’s Hold and fighting Adella. Had he somehow been taken to this cold deserted place and Alden somewhere else? Was he to freeze to death alone? Was Alden wondering the same thing in some other place?

Just as the thoughts started to lead to even more troubling possibilities his boot nudged against something. Edwin let his legs give way and he tumbled at the sight of blonde hair half covered in snow. Shaking fingers pried the snow off the still body. He turned the figure over and a gasp of both surprise and relief reached his ears.

“Alden,” the single word managed to slip past his cracked lips as he clung desperately to his friend. The young prince felt cold to the touch.

Read more over at BigWorldNetwork


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