Wrong Turn (The Shenandoah Pack Book One) by Taylor Law

Book Review



Short description

After a long, hard year, Jessie decides to take a vacation to visit his friend. On the way, he has an accident and loses his memory. Xander is a wolf shifter and saves Jessie’s life, only to realize Jess is his mate. Xander has been in the closet his whole life. Coming out may be harder than ever because not only does he have to tell everyone he is gay, but he has to tell his mate he’s part wolf too. Since Jessie can’t remember who he is, Xander has to take a chance on a man who may have a life waiting for him somewhere – a life that doesn’t include him.

Who wrote it and what’s it about?

Wrong Turn is a short story about shape shifters and finding one’s mate in the least expected circumstances. It was written by LGBT erotic romance author, Taylor Law, for the M/M Romance Group over at Goodreads. The short story was later revised and reformatted for publication.

What is there to like?

The potential of the story and development of the author. The first scene in the story was well written and served to grab the attention of the reader.

What could have been better?

A few more edits and revisions could have turned this story to an enjoyable read. Other than the first scene and another scene towards the end, the writing was poor. It gave the impression that the story was written by two different authors or at two different intervals. The language and manner of speech changed drastically from the first scene.


A gay romance story with great promise to only fall short after the first scene. Even then this is the first published work of the author and a free read. I only advise to read this book if you have great patience and tolerance for writing of this kind. I was tempted more than once to put the book down and I almost did. There is a lot of room for improvement and I will be reading more of this author’s works if only to see how her writing grows. I have already downloaded her second book, My Lord’s Judgement, after reading the excerpt included in Wrong Turn.

Hope you enjoyed this year’s first book review. As part of this year’s resolutions I hope to have more books to recommend, share, and review. And if you haven’t checked out my online series The Five Kingdoms of Severi Book One. I have posted an excerpt of the first chapter of the third season in my previous post.


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