The Harvest Dance by Jo Ramsey

Book Short Story Review



Short description

After spending days worrying about attending her high school’s Harvest Dance with Ken, her new boyfriend, Shanna Bailey has finally reached the day of the dance. But will her fear get the better of her?

Who wrote it and what’s it about?

The Harvest Dance is a Reality Shift short story written by Jo Ramsey and published by Jupiter Gardens Press. It is part of the Reality Shift series and is best read as an integrated part of the story rather than a standalone.

What is there to like?

The unique way spirit guides are portrayed. It would have been nice if more of what they were and looked like had been explained in this short story.

What could have been better?

The writing was good. The point of view was first person, not my favorite, and included a vast amount of dialogue. It would have been better if a greater balance between “show don’t tell” had been done. Because this short story carried heavy on dialogue it was hard for me to care for the protagonist and the overall point of the story.


A free short story that served to help showcase the writing style of the author, but failed to attract interest to the overall storyline. Read the main books before trying to tackle The Harvest Dance.


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