Beastly Desires Excerpt

After much delay and constantly pushing the project back I have set a date for the release of Beastly Desires. Since it will be self published there wasn’t much time constrain to finish it other projects came first. But now that I will be wrapping up my online series The Five Kingdoms of Severi on February 8th I can devote all my time to writing this book.

Hope you enjoy a sneak peak at one of my favorite scenes from the book.



Ethan moved past the crowd and through the large exit door. Fresh air filled his lungs as he leaned against the railing, letting his shaken legs catch up. A faint noise behind him had him gripping the railing, the cold rough metal nicking his skin. He quickly looked back at the door, its metal frame stood in tack. No one had followed him. He was safe.

They were safe.

He stumbled down the steps and further up the alleyway, away from the club and the countless people inside. Pain surged through his body and his legs buckled under him. He leaned against the wall, steading himself. He glanced down the alleyway once more, relief replacing the fear on his face. He could see the front of his car, only a few more steps and the nightmare would be over.

He moved away from the wall, closing the gap in a few strides. He reached into his pocket for the keys. The sound of people and cars blared down the alleyway in a single deafening wave. He tumbled forward, the keys dropped loudly at his feet. He pressed his hands to his ears, unable to take it all in.

“Stop it,” he yelled, his own voice lost among the noise, among the undecipherable chatter.

Another wave hit him and he fell to the ground, blood seeping from his ears. His nostrils flared at the smell of his own blood and the last strand of control he had slipped away. His spine twisted and expanded, the sound of bones snapping apart cut through his screams. He shut his eyes in an attempt to hold the change back, but to no avail.

He was turning.

He clawed at the ground, as his nails grew sharper and longer digging into the asphalt. His chest tightened, stripping him of air and he buckled to his side as his body continued to change. His breathing became erratic, each gasp more shallow than the one before.

“Ugh,” Ethan screamed, his forehead pressing against the damp pavement. “No, stop…” he gasped, this time the words falling from his lips, as the second surge started.

He pounded his fists into the street. He had been foolish enough to think that he could control the change without the amulet. They would all die now. He would become what he had fought so hard to avoid.

No, he had to fight it.

He pressed his hands against the ground and tried to rise. He looked up at the moon, its glow reflecting in his silver eyes.

Want to know more? Check out my blog entry on the cover reveal here.


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