The Five Kingdoms of Severi Excerpt

Since my online series, The Five Kingdoms of Severi, is only four episodes away from reaching the end of the first book in a three part series I thought I share with you another excerpt. This one is a little longer and deals with one of my favorite scenes in the third arch of the book.

Excerpt (Season 3, Episode 3)

“Enough.” Edwin bolted to his feet, moving towards the opening of the cave and putting an end to the woman’s declaration. The sadness he saw in her eyes both enthralled and scared him. “I need you to show me how to save him. That is all I care to know.” He turned back to face her again, the desperation in his voice shattering the last of his patience.

He could not deny that even from a young age he had always inquired about his past. All of those years spent training under his father had revealed nothing; angry glares and disappointed stares when his curiosity had shown through had been his father’s only replies. Even on that last fateful day his prying had robbed him of the last few moments with his father. No more—he wouldn’t let his desire to find out about his own destiny distract him from his current course.

He needed to save his friend, rid himself of the pain his father’s sword had cast upon him, and exact his revenge on those who had robbed him of his loved ones. His destiny had to wait.

“You truly have taken after the prince,” Eudora replied, her words hinting at both the positive and negative sides of her statement. She forced all thought from her mind and extended her palm out. “Hand me both crystals.”


Edwin stared at Alden’s crystal and back at the woman, having forgotten he still clung to the stone. He took his own crystal out and handed both of them over. He watched in silence as Eudora closed her hands around both crystals and started to chant, bringing her hands close to her lips as if she were speaking to the crystals themselves.

After a moment she became silent and unclasped her hands. She proceeded to turn the crystals over and over vigorously, causing them to scrape against each other with such intense pressure that Edwin thought they would crack. The woman’s eyes flashed a golden hue and her movements stopped. Her gaze remained locked on the crystals.

At first nothing happened and then a dim light appeared in the center of both crystals. Edwin stared at the shimmering pink light, unsure of what to do. He recalled how they had glowed before, once when he had first reached out for his and then again when it had fallen out of his pocket during Adella’s assault. That time he had not touched it, only desired a way to escape.

Eudora took Alden’s pale hand and rested it carefully across the youth’s lap, palm up. She then placed the crystals in his cold palm and rose to her feet. She stepped around Alden’s figure and stood behind Edwin’s kneeling form.

“Now place your hand on the crystals and try to remain still,” the oracle instructed Edwin, taking out a small smooth red stone. She braced herself for what was to come.

Edwin did as he was told. Once he touched the crystals in Alden’s hand the light grew, filling the room with its bright rays. The light seemed to dance around him and Alden, shifting colors. Edwin could feel the warmth of the glow spreading up his hand to the rest of his body. The intensity of the light felt scorching hot yet it did not burn his flesh.

Another burst of bright light flashed past his eyes and Edwin started to feel a strange pull. The heat shifted course and began to drain the warmth from him. Panic filled him and his hold loosened.

“Do not let go!” he heard Eudora say.

His back stiffened at the sound of her moving even closer. A chill ran down his back at the feeling of something cold pressed against his neck and he fought the desire to rise, to pull away.

“If you let go, Alden will be lost to us,” Eudora warned again, her voice no longer containing any traces of hesitation. She began the second part of the ritual and closed her eyes.

Edwin placed his free hand on top of Alden’s and his own hand and steadied his hold on the crystals. He forced his body to relax and he grasped Alden’s hand tighter. His hands started to glow, the light gathering at the tip of his fingers and spreading over Alden’s still form. The light took on a blue shimmer and Edwin started to feel his energy leave him.

Hope you enjoyed another excerpt of The Five Kingdoms of Severi. I am excited to let you all know that the first book in the series will be published in print some time this year along with e-book and audio formats. The set date for release has not been finalized yet, will let you all know when the information becomes available.

In the meantime you can read the entire series over at BigWorldNetwork, with episode 9 coming out Feb. 14, episode 10 and 11 coming out the following Fridays, and the final episode coming out on March 7.


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