Valentine’s Day Love


This month, the month of love, I thought I try something a little different. Instead of our monthly free e-book recommendation, I will be showcasing a few book designers I follow. I will be sharing the love if you will. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Ebook Indie Covers is one of my favorite. It has a vast selection of premade books ranging from $40 to $60. Not to mention they also have a sales selection where you can buy premades for only $16.


Fantasia Frog Designs has both premade book covers and other design services that include banners, headers, bookmarkers, etc. You can buy a premade book cover for $40 or one of their sale covers for $25.


Spittyfish Designs is the affiliate side of Fantasia Frog Designs. They mainly host premade covers for mainstream, Young Adult, and Drama. Their premade book covers are only $40.

Do keep in mind that all three designers also do custom jobs. Hope you enjoyed this month’s recommendations. Feel free to share your own suggestions in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Love

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