The Mark of the Guardian by Regina Paul

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The Mark of the Guardian dealt with the subject of after death, dealing with obstacles beyond one’s control, and finding their purpose. It had a dab of Wicca and dived into the idea of spirit guides.

The story started strong, introducing both the heroine and hero in a mixture of emotions. Eartha seemed unique enough and the threat believable yet it was quite hard for me to relate to the main character much less keep reading. Before long I started to wonder where the overall plot had vanished to. It wasn’t until almost to the end of the book that the action returned.

It was hard to read 44 pages about a sprit guide spending his days, weeks even, in an apartment doing nonchalant things and wondering if he would ever return to the ether. The concept of a spirt guide discovering how to use human contraptions could have been carried in a much more interesting way. More than one climax could have helped spice up the action and intrigue. The threat could have been introduced much earlier to keep the reader from wandering off.

The overall story still carried a wonderful concept and idea that like most short stories fail to portray fully. The climax was enjoyable and the ending content. Not to mention this story was first written in 1997 and that says a lot about the author and the story.

In the end I look forward to reading Regina Paul‘s more recent works, with Alien Deceptions already on my list of to-be-read. It remains true that one of the great joys I take in reading is seeing how much an author has improved. If for any reason be it this one that you read The Mark of the Guardian. It serves as a great inspiration that a writer must start somewhere and never let their desires to tell a story be left unspoken.


Here is a bit more on Regina Paul’s book, Alien Deceptions.


Terror stalks Angel’s nights as she waits to be abducted again. During the day she researches, and interviews other alien abductees. Into her waking nightmare steps a gorgeous stranger. Does he have the answers she’s looking for? The answer is beyond her wildest imaginings, and could be either her salvation and a chance at true love, or her death.


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Hope you enjoyed this book review. And happy early Saints Patrick Day!


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