26 Day Write-a-Thon

That is correct! I am taking part in a 26 day write-a-thon in which you write a novel in 26 days. What better way to start a new month…

W4473 WriteAThon-1

Some time last year I bought Write-A-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days (And Live to Tell About It) by Rochelle-Melander through Writer’s Digest. And in the last month I finally finished reading the book, though you are suppose to read it while writing the novel. Call me a rebel, call me crazy, but that is just how it happened.

Now, I am going back and actually writing the novel in 26 days. I will be keeping tabs on my progress and posting here from time to time. I encourage you to try it with me or at least pick up this book.

However this has required me to put most of my projects on hold including my new series. Do not fret I have two book reviews coming and another writing post. Plus one can’t forget more juicy excerpts of my current series The Five Kingdoms of Severi.

Thanks for reading and check back to see how I am faring.


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