26 Day Write-a-Thon: Day 14

At the beginning of this month I decided to partake in a write-a-thon, a 26 day write-a-thon to be exact. Pretty much at the halfway mark. Here is what I have managed to accomplish…



To Do List:

4/01/14 (Work Day)

Work on first chapter of Beastly Desires (DONE)
Write blog post on 26 days Write-a-Thon (DONE)

4/02/14(Day off from work)

Start reading a fiction book (DONE)
Continue to work on the first chapter of Beastly Desires (DONE)
Watch Writing Seminar—–Write Great Fiction: Craft Sizzling Dialogue Webinar
Presented by James Scott Bell (DONE)
 Finish reading Write-a-Thon (DONE)

4/03/14 (Work Day)


For the first few days I was able to keep to a tight schedule as mentioned above. I changed the concept of having the prologue in comic form only and wrote the prologue out. The days to follow consisted of starting on a painting, working on the story’s overall outline, and discussing a few other aspects of the story with my editor.

I also managed to write five blogs, one which is scheduled for later this week and another for next week.

Due to work taking up most of my time the process was slow and the overall word count is lower than I had hoped at this time in the race. During a event like this time is very important, but you don’t want to burn yourself out. Remember to give yourself breaks, take walks to let your brain work on areas your stuck in and most of all enjoy writing because if you don’t enjoy it you won’t get far with it.

Total words written: 7,230

Goal at the end of this write-a-thon: 30,000

How many words left to go: 22,770

Verdict? Pick up the pace.


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