Not-So-Super by Jo Ramsey

Book Short Story Review



Short description

Morph Girl’s powers are unpredictable, to say the least. She can never change into the form she wants. Can she save the day anyway?


Who wrote it and what’s it about?

Not-So-Super is a short story I received when I signed up for the author’s newsletter. It is a story written by Jo Ramsey and the second I have read of this author. This story centers around a young girl with the power to morph into pretty much anything with only one catch, she can’t quite control it. Self discovery, finding one’s inner strength and accepting yourself are a few concepts this story covers.


What is there to like?

Everything. Characterization, humor, action, and wonderfully explored concepts make this short story an enjoyable read.


What could have been better?

Other than wishing it was longer or having a sequel, absolutely nothing.



Enjoyed every quirky and comical remark, every twist and fun take on an overly used concept. This is a great short story to read if you crave comedy, action, and a well written story. This is a perfect example of a well written short story and how a reader shouldn’t give up on an author just because they didn’t quite like the first story they read. Look forward to reading more of Jo Ramsey’s works.


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