Another Excerpt from The Five Kingdoms of Severi

Here is another excerpt from my online series, but this time on a scene with Adella and Kale. Hadn’t realized all the excerpts so far hadn’t included Kale, Edwin’s father. Besides Edwin and Alden, Kale is one of my favorite characters and looking forward to writing his story once the three book arch is finished.

Season 1-3 Available through BigWorldNetwork.

Season 4 Coming Soon!


Adella let a sigh escape her lips and she raised her hand towards the snakes. Her eyes flashed a golden hue and the snakes vanished into the ground, leaving a black goo clinging to the grass where they had appeared.

“We are on the same side,” Adella explained, stepping closer and handing Kale the dagger she still held to prove her claim.

An evil grin crossed her face as Kale grasped the dagger and jammed it into her stomach with one rapid movement.

“I see your memories have not returned,” she teased, grasping Kale’s hand and withdrawing the dagger from her side. “Like I said before, we are the same. We can’t be killed so easily.”

Kale stared in awe at the black sticky liquid clinging to the young woman’s garments. “What are you? What am I?”

“We are a force to be reckoned with,” Adella laughed, wiping the blade on the grass and slipping it back under her cloak. “And they will regret trying to make you turn against us, Uncle. Together, along with Lucius, we will take our revenge on those who exiled us to this despicable place.”

Every word she spoke tasted even viler than the hatred she felt for those who had bequeathed her dreaded fate and for her father who refused to let her forget. Every word she spoke finalized the deceit on Edwin’s father.

“Come, let us rejoin my father, your brother. He has been worried and desperate to see how you have fared away from us.” Adella offered her hand to Kale and let her muscles relax at the void of the man’s touch. “Your brother hated to imprison you in that dungeon, but you were not of your right mind.”

“Brother?” Kale let the question linger on his lips. The word seemed strange and out of place. Yet he could not deny the similar skills he and the young woman shared.

He pushed all questions and thought behind him for now and let her lead him to Lucius—to his brother.


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