Catching up on Reading

And yet another one…

These types of entries are one of my favorites. To share what I am reading motivates me to read even more.

Like last month, I have kept a decent balance between fiction and nonfiction. Plus grown a bit bolder and taken a chance in reading something more kinky and full of smut than the norm I am used to.


So far I have read 2 of the 12 stories in this collection and it is interesting to say the least. 🙂

Also, I am reading the first book in its series, My Brother’s Keeper: The First Three Rules . I won this title in a contest I entered in a blog I follow. For more on this book check out my previous blog or check out the author’s Amazon page.


And in nonfiction I dive into another book published by BigWorldNetwork, How to Stay Up in a Down Economy.


This is another great book that one can read all the way through or jump from section to section without worrying about missing something. This nifty eBook contains numerous tips and resources to expand one’s wallet healthy. And if you prefer listening this title is also available in audio.

Thanks again for stopping by and don’t’ be shy in sharing what books you’re currently reading.


9 thoughts on “Catching up on Reading

    • No problem. And thanks for writing such an entertaining book. I have it on my iPad and laptop to make sure I can continue reading it no matter where I am. I’ve read some very helpful tips and suggestions already.

    • She would think I am weird and I wouldn’t blame her some of the things I have read in just those two stories are down right weird or awkward to say the least. She already knows I am a pervert. 🙂 I write erotica but never with more than one pairing and this would be my first time reading erotic material with more than one pairing. It can get quite confusing on what each person is doing. I mainly started reading erotica for research to improve my own writing.

      • Yeah, from my own experiences there are always a few gems of knowledge stored within every gangbang.

        Have you put out any of your smut for sale yet? I’ve started peddling mine to the local soccer moms! 😛 You can view all the MILF approved books on my blog!

      • Unfortunately no. All my erotic written works available online are fan fictions. But I am working on a few at the moment. And thanks for the share, will check your works out.

      • Why do you have so little faith in me? 🙂

        My fan fiction is mainly on the Merlin BBC tv show and I will be diving into some from Supernatural CW TV series. I like dark fics thick with angst.

      • Oh, I’ve got all the confidence in you 🙂

        And that is quite a wonderful show to get started with, isn’t it (as long as you’re using the Morgana character!).

        Spongebob just had more holes to work with :p

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