Procrastinating or Not?

It has been thirteen days since I last posted a chapter of The Dead Can Run, seven days since my last post, and who knows how long since I worked on my current novel project. The reason?


Though this game came out in 2012 and slipped into my hands until half a year later I still can’t get enough of it. Who can say no to zombies? Now some of my craze for action, drama, and suspense makes sense. 🙂

But do not fret. I finished Leon’s story and started Jake’s story, and I also picked up book cover designing. Yes, I have finished two eBook cover designs and have 8 more close to finishing. Three should be ready to submit by tonight. Want to see what I’ve created so far? Then check out my artist page over at SelfPubBookCovers.

In writing, I wrapped up the audio for season 4 of my online series The Five Kingdoms of Severi Book One. There is still the epilogue to flesh out and figure out if that will go in the published book or air along with the rest of the season. If you haven’t read my fantasy/drama series go read it or better yet listen to me reading it. Season 4 begins this Friday.

I also launched a Patreon page. More on that in another post.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to read my story, The Dead Can Run, available to read for free right here on my blog. Just click on fiction above and scroll to the chapter you desire.



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