The Five Kingdoms of Severi Season 4 Launch

Season 4 Available Now

New Episodes every Friday!


It is that time again for another shameless plug, I mean another excerpt of my online fantasy/drama series, The Five Kingdoms of Severi. Remember this story is free to read over at BigWorldNetwork. No need to create a login or anything to read the story.

And to celebrate its season 4 launch I will be creating some artwork for this series and extra content that will be available in the book. So without further delay here is an excerpt of season 4, episode 1.



Toren woke in Bardimus’s arms. The sound of the battle below her shook the last strands of confusion and she bolted to her feet. She staggered towards the edge of the tower.

“You must stop this madness and retreat,” Bardimus called out to her. He moved towards his son’s still unconscious figure and scooped him up. He turned back to the queen and a new sadness reflected in his eyes. “Save as many of your people as you can before you lose them all.”

“I will not bow to the enemy nor will my people,” Toren replied. She gripped the edge of the tower wall, the rough stones cutting into her palms. She glanced back at Bardimus and the boy in his arms and then at her fallen comrades. “Edwin will activate the pillar. We only need to give him enough time.”

Toren turned her attention to Lucius’s army and extended her hand. She ignored the blood trailing down the side of her face and concentrated. She found the spell she needed and chanted the words. The grass beyond the castle grew. It swayed against the horde stomping over it and clung to the attackers’ legs, slithering beneath their enchanted armor. The thin strands snapped back into the earth, cutting into the skin of their unsuspecting targets.

Movement behind her told her the rest of the oracles had regained consciousness. Lenora joined Toren and commanded her own magic to take form.

The golden dust seeped from her open hand and turned black taking the form of a raven. The small bird squawked and took flight, speckles of gold shimmering in its black feathers. Once in midair, the raven dived towards the approaching army; its feathers expanded, and it replicated into multiple other ravens until the sky lost color under the increasing number.

Lucius’s men, along with ogres and goblins, tore through the clearing and right into the path of the magical birds. The ravens dug their talons into the men and creatures’ eyes, gnashing and tearing into the delicate tissue. The unlucky ones stumbled to the ground and were pinned to the earth by the knights’ endless arrows. Their magical armor turned useless with the rest of their body exposed to the oracles’ magic and the expert knights.


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