Old Serialization to receive a New Audience


It is time to give a little love to some of my old works.


If you have been following my blog for a while now you know I have wrapped up Book One of The Five Kingdoms of Severi. Though this fantasy/drama series is the first being published through BigWorldNetwork it is not my first novel. I have written three other novels with a handful of others in various stages of completion.

I decided to dust my files off and give two of my old stories a chance to see the light again. Three years after they were first written, one of them will be showcased in BigWorldNetwork. The past two weeks I have been doing a quick run through to get them ready for the second rounds of editing and revision.


Here is the first sneak peek at my new serialization that will start in the next season run of BigWorldNetwork:

What will it be titled? A Prince From Another World

Isn’t that the same name of one of your fan fictions? Yes. Though the fan fiction it was based off is high fantasy, my story is contemporary fantasy with a romantic twist.

What kind of genre is it again?  Gay Contemporary Fantasy/Romance

Rating? Mature due to its sexual content

But wasn’t your last series rated 15+? Yes. But I write adult content as well. Therefore, this  new series will be published through my alias name to help distinguish between my works.

What is it about? You will have to wait for the next entry to find out. 🙂

I will be posting more about this series as its release comes closer. Check back to see an early viewing of it’s banner, image, and excerpts.


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