July Free e-Book Spotlight Week1


In the spur of the sexy men, summer hot days and the thrill of last month’s double post I will be taking this month’s spotlight to an even greater height. I will be posting two books each week for a total of eight books this month. Is it not a perfect time to read more?

First week we kick off with two free reads from M/M Romance Group over at GoodReads. Both stories are created based off a suggestion, a picture, and a letter written by one of the characters. Very interesting concept.


Danny Marlaeto’s life has gone to shit. In the past three hours, he’s been attacked by Lord of the Rings lookalikes, saved by his hot but weird next-door neighbor, threatened with a pair of Manolos, and been told he has to move out of his house.

Oh, and he has to leave this dimension, too. So there’s that.

His neighbor, Soren Greenfield, is not only a gardening fanatic and an avid swimmer, but a guardian — a member of a fierce, loyal league of warriors who have sworn their lives to protect the keys. Unfortunately for Danny, he’s a key, and he possesses a well of magic that can be tapped and manipulated by sorcerers. Soren’s job is to protect Danny from sorcerers, and now that a particularly powerful one (code name: Doctor Doom) has set his sights on Danny (a geeky geology major with inferiority issues, no combat skills, and a smart mouth), Soren is probably going to regret that oath he took to give his life in exchange for Danny’s.

Together with Danny’s black belt best friend Malia Hesse, they escape to Lohrfast, Danny’s birthplace and Soren’s home, in order to ensure Danny’s safety. Arriving at White Oak, one of the League’s training camps, should be the end of their travel, but there are dangers within the League as well, and when Danny, Soren, and Malia are forced to make a desperate journey to the League’s largest stronghold, Soren’s secrets catch up with them.


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This is a tale about two medieval English knights—Sir William Corbet, aka the Lion, and Sir Christian Brandon, aka The Crow. In a time when duty was everything, personal honor was more valued than life itself, and homosexuality was a shameful act punishable by death, how can these two men reconcile their deepest, most secret yearnings to love another man?

Sir Christian was raised in a household where he was hated for his unusual beauty and for the sake of his parentage. Being smaller than his six brutish half-brothers, he learned to survive by using his wits and developing a gift for strategy. He feels little loyalty to the system that’s abused him since birth.

Sir William, a large and fierce warrior, has pushed his unnatural desires down all his life. He’s determined to live up to his own ideal of a gallant knight. But when he takes up a quest to rescue his sister from her abusive lord of a husband, he’s forced to undertake a journey with Christian. It’s a partnership that will test every strand of his moral fiber, and, eventually, even his understanding of the meaning of duty, honor, and love.


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I already had the pleasure of reading The Lion and the Crow. Keep an eye out for a review on this soon to be one of my favorites m/m romance stories. And if gay romance isn’t your cup of tea don’t fret I will do my best to have a wide variety of suggestions throughout the weeks. 🙂






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