Free Writing: The Dead Can Run (Chp 3 Prt2)

Please keep in mind this is a first draft and no revisions or editing should be done as part of the exercise, though this part of chapter three refused to write itself the way I wanted and I had to cut it down to fit the word count.

Feel free to point errors and grammar out for when I do get around to properly editing this story. And if you would like to read the chapters one day early consider signing up as a patron over at my patreon page.

Warning: dry humor/sarcasm and rambling


The Dead Can Run

Chapter Three Part Two


This time it was cold water digging into my back that woke me. The icy daggers nipped and scratched at my flesh without mercy. I snapped awake and jerked to my feet to only smack against the shower edge before tumbling back to the floor. A pain bolted up my arm, the handcuff on my right hand making its presence known.

I was handcuffed to the toilet.

I yanked my hand back still in denial and tried to rise. The pipe held and I bit back a wince, the grogginess finally fading.

“Take your clothes off,” a husky voice commanded. The voice was different from the last two and I chanced a glance upwards.

A boot nudged me on the side cutting my vision short. I jerked back and my hand still handcuffed to toilet twisted causing a new set of pain to crawl up my arm. I held on to my shoulder and tried to scoot closer to the toilet.

“I said take your clothes off,” the voice turned into a shadow and I squinted against the rays beaming through the bathroom window.

“No.” My lips moved on their own before I realized I had spoken. The curiosity to connect a face to the voice vanished and I moved my gaze to the tiled floor.

A hand gripped my jaw and I was forced to lock eyes with my tormentor. The blue eyes that stared down at me were filled with anger and something I couldn’t quite place. I pushed the fear back and steadied myself against the floor. I raised my chin and tightened my jaw.

I would not budge.

Not even for the handsome face staring me down.

“You will take your clothes off and get in the shower.” The man, whose breathtaking appearance failed to fit with the pain still coursing through my body, kneeled next to me. His large hands moved gently over my wrist causing my cold flesh to shiver against the new sensation traveling through my arm.

I pushed the feeling aside and felt a knot start to form at the back of my throat.

“Why do you need…? Just let me go and I won’t get in your way. You can take whatever you want from my house.” I stuttered, the fear returning full force.

I fought the idea that the barbarians demanded my cleanliness before having their way with me. I wanted to laugh, to cry, and to claw his eyes out for the cruelty of his demands. I took another deep breath and did my best to keep the tears from trailing down my cheeks.

“We are wasting time,” the man replied rising. He paused for a moment and ran a hand through is dark blonde hair before turning the knob and letting the last part of my privacy ajar.

“Take your clothes off, get in the shower. Cassy will see if you were bitten or not.”

At the man’s words a woman stepped into the doorway. She slipped on a pair of rubber gloves, the light blue material obvious against her dark skin.

“I’m…not bitten…” I stuttered again, my eyes wandering to the bloodied bundle still lying on my bed. “Please let me go. The blood on my hands isn’t mind—” I tried to explain.

“We have lost too many already to those very words,” the handsome but cruel man replied cutting me off. He turned to look at me and for a moment his eyes softened to reflect something similar to sympathy. “I will be outside so don’t think of doing anything stupid.” And with that the door closed.

Cassy tugged at my arm and brought me to my feet. I leaned back afraid my arm would dislocate and found the handcuffs were no longer confining my wrist. When had he taken them off? I rubbed at my wrist and sighed in submission.

I stripped my clothes and stepped into the shower, letting the cold water clean away their doubts and the anger I felt.

The woman’s eyes scanned my naked body with an icy stare. My mind wondered which was colder, the water or the woman’s hazel eyes. Her gloved fingers moved expertly inspecting every intimate part of my skin and my anger returned tenfold.

After my exposed skin was completely numb she stepped back.

“She is clean.” Cassy’s voice cut through the stream of water and my shattering teeth.

The door opened and two men stepped in. They yanked me out of the bathroom before I had the chance to even scream. They shoved me to my bed and I slipped on the bloodied sheets to slam against the hard wood floor.



6 thoughts on “Free Writing: The Dead Can Run (Chp 3 Prt2)

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    • Thank you. So happy you enjoyed it. I do need to get back to this story. It was started as an excersise where I write what comes to mind at that moment with no outline or planning. Lately I’ve found myself brainstorming and thinking ahead. 😦 Should be able to return to this story next week. It really is a lot of fun writing in short spurts. 🙂

      • Well I’m glad to hear that. It’s a super story. Sure there’s a few glitches of grammar and punctuation here and there, but no big deal. This is certainly one you should consider finishing and publishing. I’m looking forward to more. Thanks! And glad you liked my book trailer. I’ll let you know how I make out with the Microsoft program. I still have to learn my Sibelius music program so I can use my own music for the trailers. Cheers!

  2. Please return to this story and finish it. I am hooked and it was cut off at such a horrible moment. 😦

    • I’m actually writing the fourth chapter right now. 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful feedback and motivation. Hope you like the first part of the new chapter, should be up tonight in a few hours.

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