Book One Finished

Book One: The Keys of Destiny is Finished

The first book in the Five Kingdoms of Severi’s trilogy has finally come to a conclusion with four episodes comprising season 4, 300 pages, 93,749 words, and twenty-one months since the very first word was written. I am currently wrapping up the outline for book two season 1 and super excited to dive into all the wonderful extras this book will have once it is published in print and digital format.

In the meantime here is another excerpt of its last season and don’t forget that you can read the entire series online over at BigWorldNetwork for FREE!


Excerpt (Season 4 Episode 2)

A swirl of gold formed above one of the towers, and Eudora commanded her white mare to halt. Her gaze sought the four oracles standing below the magical orb. She saw the tower start to shake, pieces of fallen debris mingling with dust transforming into water. A large sea monster circled around the tower, its fish-like tail digging into the tower’s structure.

The creature let out a screech. One by one the oracles tumbled to the ground with blood spewing from their lips but the creature did not falter; it continued to grow in size. The Cetus had been summoned and with it the death of her comrades would soon follow. Eudora commanded her magic to rise.

A flash of lightning struck the creature and it vanished, sheets of water splashing in every direction. Golden dust seeped back into the oracles’ skin and Eudora let a sign of relief escape her lips when Toren staggered to her feet. She let her eyes linger on her Queen for a moment longer and broke her gaze at the sight of Toren leaning on the tower’s wall.

Eudora had not forsaken them; she could feel the oracles’s magic returning.

From her position on the hill she let her friends know of her presence. Eudora whispered, “It is not time for us to die, not yet my sisters,” her eyes centered on one of the sections of the wall of the King’s Hold. She urged the air to carry her message to her friends and directed her magic towards the invading army. She signaled for Tobias’s men to charge.

The men clashed into the unsuspecting horde, creating a path for her. She forced her stallion into a deadly gallop down the hill. She tore through the clearing, a spell at the tip of her lips. Her eyes flashed golden and the ground shook and cracked near the castle walls. A smile reached Eudora’s lips.

She tugged her horse away from the collapsed earth before her single-minded mare caused them to dive into the pit she had created. She watched in satisfaction at the sight of Lucius’s men falling to their deaths. The crevice expanded and swallowed the giants that still remained near the wall.

Magic swirled around her as her comrades joined the fight. A swarm of ravens joined by a golden hawk tore through the hordes of goblins and black clad men. Tree roots sprang from the dirt to pin unsuspecting prey in their grasp. Eudora caused the ground to open again taking with it a few more of their attackers. The numbers failed to diminish no matter how many she overtook. More men ran out of the trees to join their fallen comrades but, before they could reach the ranks, the ground shook, threatening to drive friend and foe to the ground.


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