Prince Series Promo Launch: Day One

Three more days and the wait is over.


A Prince From Another World is set to launch August 4, 2014 over at BigWorldNetwork with new episodes airing ever Monday. To commemorate the release of my gay contemporary fantasy series I will be holding a one week promo launch.

From August 1st to the 7th I will reveal something new about the series. In past posts we discussed the series’ influences and brief history of how it came to be, but there is much more to show and share with you. So stick around.

To start off the launch we have the blurb, synopsis and a short excerpt from episode 1. Enjoy.


Eli’s imaginary prince suddenly becomes real, bringing with him a world of fantasy Eli never expected, and a chance at love neither are prepared for.


Eli has always felt like he didn’t belong. One day, he discovers that the lake in the new city park is far from ordinary. An image of a prince and a medieval world reflects back at him, and it seems like he is the only one who can see it. Eli soon finds himself stuck with the demanding heir of Linshaster.

Prince Brayden has been trained since birth to fight the evils of magic, now swept into a world he does not understand, a world so different from his own, where magic only lasts for a moment. Together, they must find a way to get Brayden home, face the evil hunting them, and acknowledge the unexpected bond that forms between them.

Short Excerpt:

A shout behind them had the woman running faster as her eyes turned from blue to gold in mere seconds. A bright light shot through her extended hand and slashed through the night for a brief moment, making it seem like day had arrived too soon.

The young man who had come rushing through the bushes after her halted, quickly covered his eyes with his arm, and then rubbed them in an attempt to regain his sight and the chase.

“Namora, this will not solve anything. You are only stalling, nothing more,” the man called out, his voice full of threats and desperation. His fatherly face gave away the fear he felt as he lost sight of the woman.

He looked around the now empty cemetery and cursed under his breath. His gaze moved from one strange tombstone to another, each threatening to make the unsettling feeling in the pit of his stomach grow, and he knew he was no longer in his world.


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