Prince Series Promo Launch: Day Three

One more day…

Brainstorming and the sort is typically done before the story is written, but in my case I love to do the opposite. Enjoy a short interview of one of my main characters from my new series airing August 4th and don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for Brayden’s interview. I must warn you though this is my first character interview. Silliness ensues.


Eli’s Interview

Here is a nice cold cup of sweet tea. Thank you.

Let’s start with the basics. What do you like the most about yourself? My charm and ability to stand up when life manages to trip me. That last part I think I took after my mother.

What do you like least about yourself? My big ears and bad luck I suppose. A person can only have so much bad luck in their lives, mine seems to attract an endless amount.

Everyone has their secrets. What are yours? What are you keeping a secret? I see this is going to be a direct and to the point interview. Well to answer your question, the secret I am keeping is that my dreams have become realistic once more.

Why keep that a secret? Losing my mind and being locked in an asylum isn’t in my to-do list and because the last time someone found out I almost lost all the friends I had. I was admitted into a clinic and kept heavily medicated until the dreams became just dreams.

Let’s try to move to a lighter subject. Is there anyone in your life that you are attracted to? Yes and no. Not sure you could say he is in my life, more like an imaginary person. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about actors or anime characters. This person isn’t someone’s creation but my own I suppose.

What scares you about this person? Well besides the fact that he resides in my dreams, the way he makes me feel. I have always felt like I didn’t belong with the rest of the normal crowd and having vivid dreams since I was a child didn’t help. But when I am near him it makes me think that everything around me is what is out of place and not me.

And why is that such a bad thing? Feeling like an outcast means I can find a place I fit in. It might require that I move or travel abroad, but if the world is what is out of place then where could I fit in? Where else is there for me to go?

You mentioned that when people found out about your problem that you almost lost all your friends. Do you have a best friend? And what do you like best about him/her? Yes, I have a best friend. His name is Ryan and he is my only friend. What I like best about him is the way he doesn’t care about my condition. We grew up together and he is the reason why I had as much a normal childhood as I could have in my situation.

What do you think other people think of you? Those that know about my past think I am a loony and those who don’t have no reason to think so. I do my best to keep those two groups apart.

Well, we learned quite a bit about your dark past. What’s your greatest source of joy? What helped you hold on? My mother, my friend Ryan, and my pet lizard. They are all I have. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for them.

Well, thank you Eli. It was a very interesting interview to say the least. I am sure our readers would like to know more about you and how you manage what the future throws at you. It was interesting for me as well and thank you for having me here. It isn’t normal for me to open up this much. Oh and thank you again for the tea, it had a weird but soothing taste.

The tea is one of my special receipts. Glad you found it soothing. Now, would you mind informing us where we could reach you if we desired to hold another interview? Certainly. I can be found over at BigWorldNetwork every Monday. I can be reached for free, simply click on A Prince From Another World.



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