Audio Excellence: Alternate Series Format

What better way to mark our 100 posts than covering a topic that is quickly expanding into people’s hearts.

Audio books. Some people love them, some people don’t quite fancy them, but recently more and more are giving audio books a try. Here are two series as to why you should too.


The Sol Guard by Mikey Wyatt


Willow Wood is one of the funniest and entertaining narrators one could hope to find in the audio world.

This series is taken to another level with intricate and surprising emphasis to the detail of the human voice.

Wit, charm, and an excellent mixture of comedy and action dabbed with brilliant audio makes The Sol Guard one heck of a laughing, adoring experience.

Warning: Series contains heavy usage of foul language and sexual reference.



New episodes every Tuesday.

Read or Listen over at BigWorldNetwork.


Unsure if this Modern Fantasy/Comedy/Action is for you? Check out the synopsis.

Imagine the worst day possible. Does it involve getting fired from your job, coming home early and catching your best friend and your girlfriend doing the spread-eagle? Does it invole being arrested for drunken assault? Does it also involve being sentenced to fight on the front lines in a war against an unknown, vicious evil that threatens to decimate your home city and all who live in it? Vivace’s having a real shit of a day. And that’s without mentioning the exploding trolls; over-the-top camp elves; sassy, flying bird-men; and, oh yes, a stunning brunette with aviators and blue, blue eyes that only make the entire ordeal one hundred times harder. THE SOL GUARD follows Vivace and his desperate attempt to cling to some form of sanity as everything he knows is brought to the brink of destruction.


Inner Harsh by Lucas James Pralle


Audio is crisp and clear.

Extra sound effects and music is used throughout the series to entice the reader.

The result is astounding.

One feels like they are actually there beside the characters every step of the way.

Different emphasis on the characters and the world they inhabit makes each element as enticing as the next.

 Truly one of the most vivid and rewarding written and recorded masterpieces.


New episodes every Wednesday

Read or Listen over at BigWorldNetwork.


Still unsure? Check out the synopsis below.

We are actors playing on many stages. This is the core premise behind Inner Harsh. Here, a character can simultaneously be a hardened adventurer in a fantasy world and a homeless vet of the Iraq War dealing with PTSD, desperatly trying to find his voice. The same woman can be a mysterious shapeshifter with immense power, an ancient Native American goddess, and a 20-something living in contemporary Madison, searching for a bit of trouble and a lot of answers. Inner Harsh is a wacky, intense, and meanigul adventure that challenges linear storytelling and the use of mixed media.


Audio books are a great way to enjoy literature. It is perfect when you want to multitask or desire a break from reading. It is also a new and enticing format for writers to share their books. Audio books provide an extra source of revenue and audience.


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