September Free e-Book Spotlight

Almost missed this month by like a day. 😦

So happy to have internet up in my new location. And without further ado here is this month’s recommended free e-Book. This title is free up to Friday only. Remember if you know of a title that is free to read and want to share it with us feel free to post it in the comments.

ChangingWax Download e-Book

Changing Wax is an action adventure comedy, taking place in the fantasy world of Wax, which resides just seven hundred sixty-two thousand, five hundred twenty-two million and five light years from Earth (give or take half a light year depending on Earth’s rotation). Wax revolves around rules established in the ancient Master Book of Magic, rules that don’t always follow basic logic or sanity. The story follows three adventurers: Gorath the misfortunate monk who can’t seem to get anything right, Odd Drip the Imp who is too smart for his own good, and Thomas Twostead, a teenage girl born on the wrong side of Wax’s never-ending war between Light and Dark. In the end, their teaming up might decide the fate of the world, while seemingly defying the will of the Master Book of Magic. Or are they…?

What others are saying about Changing Wax by Jared Quan:

Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, to my knowledge, never collaborated. The world would be poorer for it, if not for Jared Quan and his book “Changing Wax”. Quan’s style of storytelling is a perfect marriage of humor, sword and sorcery, and surprises.JC

Tremendous book, with lots of humor. This is an easy to read book that anyone would enjoy reading. –Dick Wright

(Reviews courtesy of Amazon.)

This month’s free e-Book recommendation is a book I already own. If you haven’t downloaded your free copy do it, this title is free for a limited time. Also, don’t forget to check back this week for our very first cover reveal giveaway brought to you by Bestselling and Award Winning Author Moriah Densley. There are amazing prizes to accompany this cover reveal that you won’t want to miss.


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