Passing that First Hurdle and Gaining Inspiration

National Novel Writing Month

Day One:

Today is the big day! NANOWRIMO officially starts and it doesn’t help that yesterday was Halloween. For those that celebrate this day, dressing up, taking the kids trick-o-treating, and party hopping can be quite exciting and daunting at the same time. Why not use that pumped up energy, all that pent up celebrating hype, for NANOWRIMO?

If you’ve already signed up for this year’s writing event you know one of the tips is starting off right at midnight. If you didn’t, don’t fret. Moving forward try to start as early as you can.

Which brings me to the topic at hand, finding inspiration and motivation to write.

Bust out those play lists that keep you moving and get writing.  Why not compile images that motivate you, that interest you and cause your imagination to take flight. Put those up as a wallpaper or slideshow on your computer. Once you start loosing steam the images kick in and bam, your piqued.

BookCover002LR BookCover13LR

Two of my Premade Covers available through SelfPubBookCovers

You can create detailed profile pages using pictures of actors/actresses that resemble your own characters. Search for images of locations, moods, etc that fit your story and create a woven setting for them. There are ton of fiction blogs filled with character profiling and story building using this method. But what motivates me the most is book cover hunting.

There is nothing like scrolling through premade covers and letting the inspiration hit. Not to mention grabbing a few you might like, buying a cover now cuts a lot of time in searching for the right one to fit your book later. It can also help cut down on the cost of having a custom one made. Time is one thing that is very important in an event like this and getting a few steps done before you really get going helps in the long run.

BookCover20LR2 BookCover28LR1

More of my Premade Covers available through PremadeCovers4U

Want to check out more premade covers to get those ideas pumping? Why not check out my list of places I love hunting for covers. See, this wasn’t a self plug blog after all. 🙂 Have a few ideas of your own to really crank that imagination up a notch and boost inspiration? Share them with us.

And last but not least here is my word count of the day: 1692 words


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