Season Two Promo Launch Day One


This month is really turning into quite a busy one. Season two of my gay romance/fantasy/modern fantasy series, A Prince From Another World, is set to start this week with new episodes being released every Monday. Like last season I will be doing a promo launch where I reveal some nifty stuff about the series. This time around the launch will only be five days, but I have tons of neat stuff that we didn’t do last launch. And for those following my NANOWRIMO entries those will still continue along side the launch.

So without further ado here is our first promo launch.


Eli has always felt like he didn’t belong. One day, he discovers that the lake in the new city park is far from ordinary. An image of a prince and a medieval world reflects back at him, and it seems like he is the only one who can see it. Eli soon finds himself stuck with the demanding heir of Linshaster.

Prince Brayden has been trained since birth to fight the evils of magic, now swept into a world he does not understand, a world so different from his own, where magic only lasts for a moment. Together, they must find a way to get Brayden home, face the evil hunting them, and acknowledge the unexpected bond that forms between them.


Eli stared at the sight in front of him unsure of what to make of it all; the unfamiliar words the older man had spoken still rung in his ears. The words brought a sense of calm and familiarity over him and he chanced a glance at the prince. The moment of brief repose vanished. Brayden’s bleeding increased, the bed was practically covered in the black liquid and it oozed to the floor near Eli’s feet.

Eli tore his gaze from the gunk on the floor and grabbed a handful of towels from the cabinets, pressing them against Brayden’s wound. The liquid seeped through the soft material and stung his fingers. He winced at the surge that ran up his wrists and snapped his hands back. Eli stared at the fading black marks on his fingertips.

He ignored the strange shift in the air and reached for more clean towels, and repeated the process, pressing them against Brayden’s wound, this time ensuring none of the black gunk touched his flesh.

“Don’t!” Grayson shouted. He knocked the blackened towels out of Eli’s hands. “I told you to stay away from it. It will try to enter you if you touch it. There is nothing you can do for him right now.”

Eli stepped back, the meaning of Grayson’s words lost to him among the worry and fear he felt for Brayden. His eyes scanned the prince’s pale face. Was there really nothing he could do? Was the prince going to die? He fought against the horrible thoughts filling his mind and stepped closer to Brayden’s bed only to have Grayson nudge him back.

“Come on, Brayden, snap out of it. Don’t let it win!” Grayson yelled at the unconscious prince, pressing his hand harder against the young man’s chest.

There was still no change in the prince. Grayson cursed under his breath and repeated the spell, the gold in his eyes flashing brighter than before. This time the spell seemed to work. Brayden’s body turned still, the sheets and gown completely black. Grayson yanked Brayden’s soiled gown off and picked him up in one smooth motion then quickly carried the naked prince to the other side of the room, setting him on a small couch. He grabbed a clean gown and spread it over the prince.

He turned to face the blackness and his eyes turned gold for the third time. “Forbærne.”

Everything the black liquid had touched suddenly caught on fire. The room filled with a shrill, ear-splitting scream. Eli and Grayson covered their ears as the sound rose in pitch. Small trails of blood ran down their fingers, their eardrums rupturing from the noise. The screaming increased still and Eli dropped to his knees, the pain in his ears unbearable.

Read more over at BigWorldNetwork.




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