Season Two Promo Launch Day Two


Today’s promo launch is very special. We have an interview with Meagan Hedin who is the editor of the series. Enjoy!

First off, I would like to say that I read your book Accidental Passion: Seduction. Big fan. And I’ve enjoyed every moment working on A Prince From Another World with you. Your feedback is a treasure trove all on its own. Now that we have my fan girl moment out of the way, let’s get down to what you do. You’re both a writer and an editor. How do you pull that off?

Very carefully! Since I have so many things I juggle even aside from all the BWN stuff, I have kept my sanity mostly intact by keeping a weekly “To-Do” list. It helps me keep track of audio and edits that are due and helps me stay on top of my school work. Though, sadly, housework has been sorely neglected since I went back to school and had my first child. Priorities, right? 😉

Why did you decide to dive into the editing world?

Well, a very good friend of mine (Amanda Meuwissen) started telling me about this brand new online publishing company that she found that specialized in serialized works back in 2011. As she became more involved with the startup of the company, my interest was piqued and I offered my services in any capacity she saw fit. It just so happened that she needed the most help with editing as she had very few editors who were comfortable with written works that were of a more graphic or violent nature. While she does read every single piece of written for BWN, she asked for a second pair of eyes to go over submissions that had been selected for publication. As a self-proclaimed Grammar Nazi and a life-long avid reader, I jumped at the chance to help out.

What interested you the most about this particular area of the writing process?

I am truly fascinated with the editing process as a whole. I really enjoy seeing the progression of each episode from its initial submission to finished product.

15983_wpm_lowresHow long have you been in the editing business?

I’ve been with BWN since their startup in fall 2011, so about that long. I do also have experience as a tutor in the Writing Center of a local community college.

What is your work schedule like when you’re editing? Are you currently only working on A Prince From Another World or balancing a few other series on top of that one?

As far as editing is concerned, I currently only have A Prince from Another World and Incubus on my plate. I also do the audio for your lovely book, as well. 😉

How do you start your process in editing a book (or an episode like it is in this case with BigWorldNetwork)?

As an editor for BWN, I am typically the first person to read through it once an author has submitted their episode (or chapter, if you will). During my initial read-through, I like to just give it a go and see what happens. That first time through, I’m only really looking at the larger picture. I attempt to ensure that there are no inconsistencies of fallacies within the work without smothering or changing the author’s voice; I want to make sure that the author hasn’t changed an important detail without explanation, that the laws of nature are obeyed unless the theme or style of the story allows them to be bent, and I also try to ensure that future readers are able to easily comprehend. I then go through the episode a second time, looking more closely at spelling and grammar and organization. Then, I usually go through it all at least once more to see if any changes I’ve made help or hurt the story.

How many books have you edited? Which has been your favorite so far if I may be so bold to ask? Don’t feel pressured that you have to say it is mine, we all know it’s mine. Right? Right…?

Wow, um, I’m gonna have to go count all the ones I have archived…

Including the two books I edit now, I have edited a total of 18 works from BWN. As far as a favorite goes, I think I would have to say The Collector. I’m sorry! o_O

Do you have a preference of genre when it comes to editing?

I have always been a fan of works of fiction, but that’s about the only true restriction or preference. I enjoy reading Science Fiction and Fantasy, Thriller, Horror, Mystery, Romance, you name it!

How do you go about selecting what works you edit?

I have to admit I don’t really have a “selection process”. One of the perks of being really good friends with the managing editor is that she typically just sends me stuff that she knows is right up my alley.

Who is your favorite character from A Prince From Another World and why? Couldn’t resist another self-plug here.

There should be no shame in self-plugs. 😉 My favorite character from Prince would have to be Grayson. His description makes him sound really hot, he’s got magic, and he’s so very self-assured and capable. I can’t wait until we find out more about his backstory…

Give us an interesting fun fact about the current series or series you are editing.

I find it interesting that both A Prince from Another World and Incubus are Fantasy/Supernatural Gay Romance.

Can you share some interesting incidents you’ve befallen while editing a series? What writing hysterias have you stumbled upon?

Without naming names, there was one story I once edited that had absolutely abysmal grammar, spelling, and punctuation. And to top it off, each episode was ten pages or more! I used to get very frustrated with this particular series because I found it so difficult to try and find the author’s voice amidst the chaos. This was one story that typically required a few exchanges back and forth between editor and author, as the suggestions I made were apparently not what the author wanted.

What is the most common mistake you see an author make that drives you insane? Ok, maybe not insane. I’m probably the only one that does that to you.

I guess that biggest thing that drives me insane is when people (not just authors) make assumptions. I truly believe that each story, no matter how far-fetched or off-the-wall, requires research. Without research, without discovering true facts that readers can recognize and relate to, I have found that authors can lose their audience. And since I’m usually one of the first ones to read an episode, I try to make sure that doesn’t happen. Though I sadly don’t know everything, so doing your research on an unfamiliar topic or talking to someone with first-hand experience is a definite plus! 😉

writingDo you have any suggestions or tips to help an aspiring author become a better writer? If so, what are they?

Write every day. It doesn’t matter if what you write is the next chapter of your soon-to-be bestseller or a poem or a grocery list, if you don’t get it out, the ideas and thoughts may dissipate. Just like with muscles, if you don’t use it, you lose it!

What is the hardest part of editing a book? 

Hmmm, I guess I don’t really find it hard, to be honest. Aside from my one horrible experience that I mentioned earlier, I truly enjoy the experience. I’m reading – I’m doing something that I love and I get to help other people achieve their dreams.

What is the biggest thing that people THINK they know about the editing process, that isn’t so?

It’s more than just checking for spelling and grammar! Like I said before, we’re also looking for plot-holes and story inconsistencies. We make sure the story is solid and encourage the writer to make changes and revisions to reflect the vision that we see reflected on paper (or computer screen, as it were…)

What is the most important thing that people DON’T know about the editing process, which they need to know?

It takes more than one read-through and we will still not catch all the mistakes. We’re human, not spell-checkers. Especially in the world of Fiction, where rules are made to be broken and words can be made up, we are wholly and completely fallible. For example, do you really expect us to catch each misspell of the dragon name Gvort, or Gavon, or whatever you call him when we’re busy falling in love with your story?

What projects are you working on at the moment?

Sadly, most of my projects are on hiatus at the moment. I have three works for BWN that are still in the early planning and organizing stage and they will have to stay there until after the New Year. I am in my final semester of Nursing School and most of my leftover energy and focus is directed towards completing my studies with minimal damage to my psyche.

What social locales do you frequent? Not that I want to know where to stalk you or anything of the sort, it’s just so people know where to go if they want to find out more about your works.

You can find me on Facebook just about every day. I also have an author profile on Goodreads and you can find my book on either the BWN website or on Amazon.

And last but not least, what are your plans for the future? Will we have the chance to read more of your own works in the months to come?

Oh don’t you fret, I have more on the horizon. I just ask that you be patient. I have more stories I need to share!

Thanks Meagan for taking the time to join us for this interview and for sharing a glimpse into the editing world. Once again it was a pleasure to have you stop by and a delight to read your book Accidental Passion: Seduction. For those who haven’t read it yet the book is currently available in paperback, eBook, and audio. Links on where to buy it are posted below.


Buy paperback and e-Book on Amazon

Buy Audio Book on BigWorldNetwork

About the Editor


Meagan Hedin is the author and narrator of Accidental Passion: Seduction. She is also an editor for BigWorldNetwork. She has edited various stories for BWN and is currently editing A Prince From Another World and the Incubus Saga.

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