Day 18: Pushing through

Picture taken by me. :)

Picture taken by me. 🙂

With the end of the race rearing in fast, I thought I share something I put into practice with my son as well as in my own writing these past two days.

My son’s teacher is constantly calling me to let me know my son refuses to write. He will literally sit there, hands in jacket pockets, fiddle with his paper for over an hour, or get his book out and start reading (Sound familiar?). My son hates writing with a passion, but I have to give him credit for preferring to read over writing.

What does this have to do with NaNoWriMo? Well, I had to think of a way to have him write more.


So, I placed a sheet of paper in front of him, had him number each line all the way to 15. His goal was to write on anything he wanted until he reached that 15th line. The next day I had him do it again, only this time I had him add in another line. For the four days (not including the weekends) he did this exercise, each day adding in an extra line.

He went from writing 15 lines to 19, not a great feat but a feat in itself. The teacher told me today that he wrote the most he has written all school year. 🙂 Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he continues to do so well. This exercise will continue until he can write on both sides of a sheet of paper effortlessly.

During the last days of NaNoWriMo, why not push yourself to write more. Set a goal and increase it each day. Urge yourself to write past the 1667 word count. Why not write an extra line, adding yet another the next day.

Take this practice upon yourself and go from writing 15 lines to 19, from 19 lines to an entire page until you can write two pages effortlessly. I promise you, you will see yourself grow as a writer.

And now for the word count.

11/16/14: 14835 (157 more than 1667)

11/17/14: 16916 (414 more than 1667)

See how my extra word count more than doubled from one day to the next? It’s a start. That’s 571 words less that I need to worry about. Though it still leave me with a goal of 952 words in addition to the daily goal of 1667 if I plan to finish this challenge. I can do this!

You can do this!


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