End of Season One of Rise of the Dragons

Season One has come to an end and you know what that means, excerpt time. 🙂

For those who haven’t caught up yet, Rise of the Dragons is Book Two of The Five Kingdoms of Severi, a fantasy/drama series available to read for free over at BigWorldNetwork. Book One: The Keys of Destiny will be released as en eBook, audio book, and print early March of this year.

So excited. More on that later on.

riseofthedragons_squ_01Excerpt (Season 1, Episode 5)

“Everyone and everything that had to do with my grandfather only brings bad luck and misfortune with it,” Alden stated, avoiding Edwin’s gaze and instead concentrating his sight on the winding path ahead.

“I am not bad luck and misfortune,” Edwin shot, urging his horse to catch up with the prince’s white mare.

“Yes you are. You are all the bad luck and misfortune in the world wrapped into one very annoying package,” Alden teased, washing away the bad taste that had snuck into his mouth. He forced back a smile and tugged at the reigns, urging his horse to a full gallop.

“I am not!” Edwin cried out in his defense, trying to catch up once more.

“First we discover rock golems exist and, must I remind you that they tried to kill us, then dragons, when I ended up more or less dead, and now elves? If they exist, I am willing to bet they will be trying to kill us as well,” Alden commented over his shoulder, grateful for the fact that Edwin hadn’t pushed the subject about his grandfather further. “What’s next, mermaids?” he added, fighting back a rhetorical laugh.

“This can’t be right,” Edwin said, snapping Alden out of his teasing banter.

The serious and surprised tone in his voice brought Alden to a halt. Alden nudged his horse to retrace its steps and rejoined Edwin a few feet down the path. “What is it?” he asked, but the moment the words left his lips he already knew the answer.

Both stared at the smoke in the distance, the peaks of several huts and tents stood out through the tree tops beckoning them.

“It’s a village,” Alden muttered, one hand tightening its hold on the reigns and the other reaching for the hilt of his sword hanging at his side.

“There isn’t supposed to be a village here,” Edwin eyed the prince, catching that the prince had already picked up on that fact. “None of the maps I looked over have a village marked in this area,” he continued, and a frown spread across Alden’s stern expression.

The prince unsheathed his sword and cursed at their rotten luck. It seemed like the last peaceful hours they had wallowed in had come to an end.

“We should go around it,” Edwin suggested, eyeing the surrounding trees and forks in the path, forming a new route in his mind.

“Even if that means half a day delay in our travels? You know we can’t afford delays,” Alden stated, nudging his horse forward. “Through it is.”

“If we must, but I still think barging in at full gallop isn’t the best choice!” Edwin shouted at the already retreating figure of the prince.

Who is being stubborn now? he thought to himself. He eyed the peaks again and felt an unsettling feeling start to form in the pit of his stomach. With one final sigh of defeat, he tugged at the reigns. His horse tore down the path through the forest after Alden and the first hint of civilization they had seen in the entire day since they’d left the tavern.


This scene is quite special to me because I slipped in something that pertains to book three of this series. 🙂 Did you catch it? Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed this excerpt as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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