February Free eBook Spotlight: Day 6

Ok, maybe I lied, the week isn’t over yet and I switched genres. 🙂 There are just too many books that I want to read, I mean that look interesting to showcase. Two more books and then we turn up the hot lever. Enjoy!

Day Five: (Contemporary)

Just This Once: Escape to New Zealand (Book One) By Rosalind James



Everyone needs to be rescued sometimes.

Everyone but Hannah Montgomery, that is. She just needs a vacation. Three weeks in New Zealand to sort out her life, figure out what she wants, seems just right. Oh, and to relax. She should definitely put that on the agenda. She certainly isn’t looking for a sexy fling with a professional rugby player, no matter how attractive he is. Hannah doesn’t do casual. But maybe just this once …

As much as he’s shared with Hannah, Drew Callahan has kept one very big secret. And learning the truth, now that she’s back home again, has made Hannah warier than ever. Drew knows that she’s right for him. But how can he convince her to let down her guard enough to explore what they could have together?

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Info (Smashwords doesn’t seem to have stats or at least I can’t see them. 😦 )

Fiction » Romance » Contemporary
Fiction » Women’s fiction » Chick lit
Published: Feb. 06, 2015
Words: 98,070
Language: English

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