February Free eBook Spotlight: Day 9


As promised, we turned the nob to steamy hot and will be showcasing a few free erotic eBooks for those who need some hard love. 🙂 Enjoy!

Day Nine: (Erotica)

Without End: A Melrose Shops Novel By A. R. Senault



A turbulent sexual renaissance is brewing on Melrose Avenue, and Dr. Claudette Boucher is about to expose it.

At the center of the revival are four tattooed and pierced-clad beasts of sex personified, and owners of the Mel/Rose Barbershop. As Los Angeles’ quintessential sex doctor and popular radio personality, Claudette has enough confidence to steamroll the strongest of men.

Dino Pantopoulos is happy to have his life flattened by the beautiful and sassy, French therapist. Claudette’s atypical research techniques leave Dino wondering how to tame her, and Dino’s overbearing Greek mother has Claudette’s Freudian radar at high alert.

Claudette isn’t about to alter her research or her sexual proclivities for anyone. But Dino’s mastery of sensual conquest has Claudette rethinking her relationship priorities.

Dino’s unrelenting charm weakens Claudette’s quest for self-preservation. As sparks settle from the couple’s emotional and explosive courtship, a tragedy threatens to destroy their newfound happiness.

Will Claudette survive and keep her promise to love Dino Without End?

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Fiction » Romance » Erotic
Published: July 28, 2014
Words: 100,240
Language: English

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