February Free eBook Spotlight: Day 10

As promised, posting the titles that somehow didn’t get posted per schedule. This title is free over at Smashwords, which are the links provided in this post, but not Amazon. Please keep that in mind when surfing for this title. 🙂

Day Ten: (Erotica)

Tainted Love by Alexis Blake


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Alice Smith loves her job as the personal assistant to Grant Anderson, even though she has only been with the company for a couple of months. Grant is sexy but his cool demeanor and ability to hide his emotions leaves Alice feeling confused, but also tempted. Occasionally she catches the sidelong glances he casts her way and can’t ignore the fluttering in her stomach when he is around, though he more than intimidates her. When he gets his latest consulting assignment in Iceland, she is more than thrilled that he requests her presence. Going out of the country with a man that she finds dangerously sexy could prove to be more than she can handle. Will Alice find herself mixing work and pleasure?


Fiction » Romance » Erotic
Fiction » Erotica » Couples Erotica
Published by Lucia Jordan
Published: Feb. 04, 2015
Words: 11,680
Language: English



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