February Free eBook Spotlight: Day 12

It is always good to try out a free title to get the grasp of the author and to see if you like their work. This author has all four books in a compilation for $2.99 under the same title for those who end up liking her stories. Keep this in mind when searching for the free title, book one of the series. 🙂

Also not sure if she is an alias for Alexis Blake, another author showcased here, or if she is their publisher. There are quite a few titles published under both names and more.

Day Twelve: (Erotica)
Euphoria: Book One By Lucia Jordan


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Annalise Carroll learned the hard way that the entanglements of a relationship can too easily sidetrack her career. She keeps herself coolly detached, never stepping outside her self-imposed boundaries. Never again will she allow a man to ruin her professional reputation. Her work is simply too important.
But when she meets Xander Ward, a prominent pharmaceutical representative interested in her father’s company, Annalise finds herself helplessly distracted by his seductive good looks and irresistible charm. Her heart wants nothing more than to open to him—and so does her body.
But will Annalise allow herself to let go and embrace the intimacy? Will Xander’s motives prove to be as sexual as Annalise suspects them to be? And is it possible that Xander is hiding something from Annalise?


Fiction » Romance » Adult
Fiction » Erotica » General
Published: Feb. 11, 2015
Words: 10,690
Language: English

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