Going the Premade Route

In our last self publishing entry we covered 3 options to finding  a book cover: premade covers, custom covers, or making it yourself. Today I will provide a few places where one can shop around for premade covers, give pointers, and mention a few sales.

Publishing a book isn’t easy and it sure ain’t cheap so many self publishing authors look to premade covers. There are others that cringe at this approach, but with today’s economy there are more and more authors giving premade covers a chance. Here is why you should too:

Custom covers can cost you from $45 to $300 dollars or more depending on who you hire, what medium you are seeking, and how complex you want your cover to be. Premade covers have a slightly lower price range, starting as low as $10 to $160. Some even offer minor alterations to their premade covers, but this is more case by case.

Every day someone is posting up a new premade cover, more and more groups are created on Facebook offering these services, and if you search on the internet you will find many more websites. The array of premade covers is always growing and so is the talent.

Here are a few places I constantly surf for covers…

BookCovers.Us is a very friendly and easy place to buy premade covers starting at $39 and up. The designer will hold your cover for you for up to 6 months once you buy it if you still haven’t decided on a title. Custom cover services are also offered here. I’ve bought quite a handful of covers from here.

A few premade covers currently for sale by this designer:

401e 424 435 485


LOGO31The best thing about this place is that they have a large range of prices for all budgets starting from $5 to $160. There is always new covers being posted (I know because I am one of the cover designers there) and they currently have a Spring Fling sale going on for total purchases of $100 or more.

And if you are a cover designer it is free to join and post your covers for sale. Come create covers or seek out your next bestseller.




A friendly facebook group where you can find premade covers created by several designers. Also offered are custom covers and banners. But the neatest thing about this place is that they also carry a few premade covers created with exclusive images, which means you won’t find them anywhere else. Make sure to read the description to see which ones are exclusive.

A few of their premades available for purchase:

fantasy scifi romance romance2


GreenSelfPubLogo_400x400SelfPubBookCovers is a vast collection of designers with well over 3,000 premade covers starting at $69 and up. Here you simply select the cover you want, add the font yourself.  The covers do go by fast. If you are a cover designer this place also offers you the chance to sell your covers. More of my premade covers can be found here.

My premade covers shop.


Covers made by various of the designers and purchased by authors:

pre4 pre3 pre2 pre1

Didn’t quite find a shop that fit your fancy? Check out the few more I listed on a previous blog entry from last year and come back next time when we cover a few other places that offer custom covers.


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