The SELFPUBCON is live!

A few years back, I took part in an online writing convention of sorts which was partly run by Alli, Alliance of Independent Authors. It was an amazing experience and ever since they have held a much smaller online event for independent authors called SelfPubCon.


I thought I share this event with you all. It is currently happening right now, live. Most of the feed is shared as it goes live and past feed stays available throughout the online convention. Not sure how long it stays up if it stays up for a few days after the event is over or not. You might want to look into that to make sure you don’t miss out on all the wonderful information being made available.

Not sure if you want to check this online convention? There will be 24 sessions in total. Here are a few of the topics being covered in their online workshops:

Social Media for Book Marketing with Rachel Thompson

Editing 101 with Jodi Brandon

How to Build Your Business By Writing a Book with Ingenium Books

Three Steps to Finding Your Target Reader  with Belinda Griffin

Cracking the Code of Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) with Brian Meeks

And much more as it goes live.

Some of the wonderful sponsors that make such an amazing event like this possible are IngramSpark, PublishDrive, Bublish, ListenUp audio books, SfeP, and Ingenium Books.

I wasn’t paid or told to promote this event. As a past attendee and current attendee, I just wanted to share this amazing free advice and workshops being made available for independent authors. I hope you do decide to check it out and till next time keep writing and inspiring.


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