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Writing Memes Supernatural Style


Huge fan of the Supernatural CW TV show and with season 9 having come to an end I thought it would be fitting to hunt down a few writing memes to help ease the wait for season 10 and maybe motivate the writing process.

To my surprise there weren’t that many out there. Maybe I should make some? No wait! Did I just give myself another distraction?

Nonetheless enjoy!



And we know writing is hard so why not enjoy a replay of Chuck saying it. ­čÖé



Almost there, just 5 more days!

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NaNoWriMo is less than five days away. By now you might be tired of hearing and reading about writing a novel in 30 days. By now you might be certain that whoever came up with this idea was most likely drunk beyond the ability to think, fell on their head for the thousandth time and thus unable to think clearly, or just didn’t like you. Maybe it was all of them?

But whatever the reason November became the National Novel Writing Month, whatever the reason you decided to take part, keep going. Keep writing and when November 30th comes around you can burn the manuscript, stick it in a drawer to be forgotten for months, or you can actually revise, edit, and publish it.

Still unsure if you want to keep going? Here is a neat article on what really distracts people from writing. Find yours and keep it from holding you back, that 50,000th word is waiting for you.

Cats, Wives and Videotape: Survey Reveals What Really Distracts NaNoWriMo Participants

Want more tips on how to fight back distractions? Check out one of my previous┬áNaNoWriMo blog posts on doing just that. How about saving one of the Supernatural┬ámeme’s I found online┬áand making it your wallpaper? Or go look for one you like and get back to…yes you got it: writing.

Words so far (not counting today): 26,805

Behind: 14,860

Daily Word Count Needed to meet goal: 4,639