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Why one should get (hire) an Editor



November has started to become a distant memory and your completed manuscript has been sitting in your computer file awaiting those final touches. You’ve already read it two, three, maybe four times. You’ve powered through the feedback from your beta readers (if you decided to use them) and made your own set of yet another round of revisions and edits. What now?

Now comes the next step–getting an editor.

Beta readers are more per choice, but getting an editor should be a given, no buts or ifs about it. If you majored in English, maybe it’s your second major, or have a family member who is an editor then you might get lucky and not have to hire an editor. Though keep in mind that some recommend or prefer that you hire someone outside of the family and friend circles, this mainly falls into the same conclusion that those who know you could be biased of your work. If you edit your manuscript you still could miss things, best be safe outsource.

With that said, lets go over the various types of editors. In our last After NANOWRIMO Step we provided a link to Devil in the Details Editing Services’ Am I the right editor for you? section where she explains each type of editing/editor. If you haven’t checked it out we recommend that you do, very informative.

Let’s recap for those who haven’t read it.

Content editor– think big picture, overlooks plot, characterization, voice and setting.

Line editor – think of a fine-tooth comb, they check everything from grammar, spelling, consistency, to word usage. They edit line by line, word by word.

Copy Editor – think entire picture, they work on the formatting, style and fact-checking to ensure clarity and easy flow of the story. Line and Copy Editing tend to be approached as one type of editing and thus their definitions mix and blend together.

Can’t afford one? Or don’t know where to start looking?

I already mentioned one many times over, Devil in the Details Editing Service, and then there is my indie publisher, BigWorldNetwork. BWN pretty much does it all for you, editing, cover design, formatting. Think you can present your work as a serial first and then a finished book? Try them out!

How about searching on Facebook or other social media networks? Just be careful and make sure they check out.

Here are a few that were recommended (keep in mind I have not used any of them as of yet): Hearts on Fire Editing, Keene-Eye Editing, Wide Eyed Editing, Kate’s Ye Olde Booke Cover Shoppe and author Heather Kirchhoff also edits.

All in all, an editor improves your story and helps present it at a more professional level.

And there you have it, this step is the scariest but the easiest to overcome when you find the editor that works for you. Don’t forget to come back to tackle our next step, cover design, and thus when we finally reveal our big surprise. Hint: the step tells all. 🙂