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Greasy Boy by P.L. Ripley

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For Simon, sex had always been clean, gentle and safe. Now a chance encounter in a gas station bathroom gives Simon the opportunity to see what he has been missing. That is, if he can overcome his fear to delve into a greasy stranger through a glory hole. (M/M)

This is a BL story (boy love)/gay erotica.

Fair warning, there is mention of bodily fluid stains and a brief armpit action that might not be suitable for the squirmy. I know I kind of started to cringe at those parts, but other than that the story was interesting and steamy. The writing was well above what you expect for an erotica and a quickie story. Overall very enjoyable with the exception of those questionable moments mentioned above.

The publisher of this title, ForbiddenFiction (a part of Enspire Publishing), likes to stand out in their writing. Their stories lean more towards breaking out of the norm when it comes to the boundaries of original erotic fiction. Their stories tend to combine strong acts of sexuality with a bit more etiquette writing. Make sure you read the labels and tags for each title before buying to make sure you know exactly what you are going to be reading.

Now that we got that out of the way, there was one small repetition and slip in a scene regarding a character doing an action that had already taken place a few sentences before. This might have been caused due to fast writing or quick editing and doesn’t hinder the story or the quality of the writing. I must also point out that the writing does pick up and gets dirtier towards the end in regards to smut and BDSM situations. But even with this, the story is quite more than getting it on, it has a point and a lesson for the main character to learn.

Sum it up: A very greased up one night stand, well story takes place during the day but you get my point, that will make some jaws drop.

What I liked most: That the writer didn’t fear going outside the comfort zone of typical erotica stories.

What I liked the least: The like and dislike are kind of the same for me here. It had a very interesting premise, but there were some things that happened that kind of take away from the story.

Would I read the sequel(s)? Yes, as long as I ain’t eating while reading. But since this was a one-shot, will have to try his other works.

END An Apocalyptic Anthology is up next.


February Free eBook Spotlight: Day 13

Won’t be much of a diversity in romance titles if I don’t mention at least one gay/lesbian title. 🙂 Enjoy! Have one more title to go for out Valentine’s Day Special.

Day Thirteen: (Gay Erotica)
Handy Men Do It Better By Dan Sexton


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To handy men, Jake and Cory, building a relationship is a lot like designing a home or landscaping a yard. It’s hard work. You have to use just the right tool.

When these straight-acting laborers first meet, they release their manly tension over a few beers and something much more sordid than sparks fly. Their strong libidos aren’t used to experiencing feelings for another man, and it takes a few sticky situations before they understand the blossoming romance budding between them.

Cute and tatted twenty-something, Jake Honeywell, will do anything for his kid sister. He loves landscape design and longs to travel north one day to see the fall foliage. He’s recently come out—at least to himself and his sister—and this has him messing around with nearly every bud who fits his preference for big, tough, and macho.

Cory Hamilton meets all of Jake’s requirements…and then some. In addition to looking like a star athlete, Cory has experienced some financial success in real estate. Yet despite frequenting a luxury condo in the winter, he prefers the company of the working class and his modest trappings in North Carolina. He doesn’t want Jake to know too much too soon about his prosperous career.

Step one of any romance: lay a solid foundation. But, Jake and Cory have a few cracks to fill before they’re walking on sure footing.


Fiction » Gay & lesbian fiction » Gay
Fiction » Erotica » Gay Erotica
Published by Rick Bettencourt
Published: Jan. 02, 2015
Words: 12,110
Language: English

Forbidden Fiction Gets Naughtier


Thought I share a giveaway Forbidden Fiction is holding for 12 days in the month of December instead of our usual free e-book spotlight. The more the merrier right?! 🙂

Fans of LGBT, gay romance, gay erotica, this giveaway is a must grab. Each day (for 12 days) Forbidden Fiction will have one of their M/M BDSM themed ebooks available FREE! All you have to do to get the book is follow the link to their sales site or click the banner above and go from there.

Add the book that is being given away at the moment to your cart and use the code provided when you are ready to check out.

Here are a few of the titles that will be up for grabs on their designated days.

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Free books are a great way to try out new authors and their publisher. For those wanting to write erotica, gay erotica and seeking to publish with Forbidden Fiction, grabbing these freebies is a fantastic way to see what exactly they publish, what kind of material they are looking for and how they edit and format.

Have a free eBook you are giving away, feel free to share it with us. One can never have enough to read and thanks for stopping by. 🙂