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Greasy Boy by P.L. Ripley

Book Review



For Simon, sex had always been clean, gentle and safe. Now a chance encounter in a gas station bathroom gives Simon the opportunity to see what he has been missing. That is, if he can overcome his fear to delve into a greasy stranger through a glory hole. (M/M)

This is a BL story (boy love)/gay erotica.

Fair warning, there is mention of bodily fluid stains and a brief armpit action that might not be suitable for the squirmy. I know I kind of started to cringe at those parts, but other than that the story was interesting and steamy. The writing was well above what you expect for an erotica and a quickie story. Overall very enjoyable with the exception of those questionable moments mentioned above.

The publisher of this title, ForbiddenFiction (a part of Enspire Publishing), likes to stand out in their writing. Their stories lean more towards breaking out of the norm when it comes to the boundaries of original erotic fiction. Their stories tend to combine strong acts of sexuality with a bit more etiquette writing. Make sure you read the labels and tags for each title before buying to make sure you know exactly what you are going to be reading.

Now that we got that out of the way, there was one small repetition and slip in a scene regarding a character doing an action that had already taken place a few sentences before. This might have been caused due to fast writing or quick editing and doesn’t hinder the story or the quality of the writing. I must also point out that the writing does pick up and gets dirtier towards the end in regards to smut and BDSM situations. But even with this, the story is quite more than getting it on, it has a point and a lesson for the main character to learn.

Sum it up: A very greased up one night stand, well story takes place during the day but you get my point, that will make some jaws drop.

What I liked most: That the writer didn’t fear going outside the comfort zone of typical erotica stories.

What I liked the least: The like and dislike are kind of the same for me here. It had a very interesting premise, but there were some things that happened that kind of take away from the story.

Would I read the sequel(s)? Yes, as long as I ain’t eating while reading. But since this was a one-shot, will have to try his other works.

END An Apocalyptic Anthology is up next.


Not-So-Super by Jo Ramsey

Book Short Story Review



Short description

Morph Girl’s powers are unpredictable, to say the least. She can never change into the form she wants. Can she save the day anyway?


Who wrote it and what’s it about?

Not-So-Super is a short story I received when I signed up for the author’s newsletter. It is a story written by Jo Ramsey and the second I have read of this author. This story centers around a young girl with the power to morph into pretty much anything with only one catch, she can’t quite control it. Self discovery, finding one’s inner strength and accepting yourself are a few concepts this story covers.


What is there to like?

Everything. Characterization, humor, action, and wonderfully explored concepts make this short story an enjoyable read.


What could have been better?

Other than wishing it was longer or having a sequel, absolutely nothing.



Enjoyed every quirky and comical remark, every twist and fun take on an overly used concept. This is a great short story to read if you crave comedy, action, and a well written story. This is a perfect example of a well written short story and how a reader shouldn’t give up on an author just because they didn’t quite like the first story they read. Look forward to reading more of Jo Ramsey’s works.

The Mark of the Guardian by Regina Paul

Book Review



(No summary available.)

The Mark of the Guardian dealt with the subject of after death, dealing with obstacles beyond one’s control, and finding their purpose. It had a dab of Wicca and dived into the idea of spirit guides.

The story started strong, introducing both the heroine and hero in a mixture of emotions. Eartha seemed unique enough and the threat believable yet it was quite hard for me to relate to the main character much less keep reading. Before long I started to wonder where the overall plot had vanished to. It wasn’t until almost to the end of the book that the action returned.

It was hard to read 44 pages about a sprit guide spending his days, weeks even, in an apartment doing nonchalant things and wondering if he would ever return to the ether. The concept of a spirt guide discovering how to use human contraptions could have been carried in a much more interesting way. More than one climax could have helped spice up the action and intrigue. The threat could have been introduced much earlier to keep the reader from wandering off.

The overall story still carried a wonderful concept and idea that like most short stories fail to portray fully. The climax was enjoyable and the ending content. Not to mention this story was first written in 1997 and that says a lot about the author and the story.

In the end I look forward to reading Regina Paul‘s more recent works, with Alien Deceptions already on my list of to-be-read. It remains true that one of the great joys I take in reading is seeing how much an author has improved. If for any reason be it this one that you read The Mark of the Guardian. It serves as a great inspiration that a writer must start somewhere and never let their desires to tell a story be left unspoken.


Here is a bit more on Regina Paul’s book, Alien Deceptions.


Terror stalks Angel’s nights as she waits to be abducted again. During the day she researches, and interviews other alien abductees. Into her waking nightmare steps a gorgeous stranger. Does he have the answers she’s looking for? The answer is beyond her wildest imaginings, and could be either her salvation and a chance at true love, or her death.


Amazon Buy Page


Hope you enjoyed this book review. And happy early Saints Patrick Day!

The Harvest Dance by Jo Ramsey

Book Short Story Review



Short description

After spending days worrying about attending her high school’s Harvest Dance with Ken, her new boyfriend, Shanna Bailey has finally reached the day of the dance. But will her fear get the better of her?

Who wrote it and what’s it about?

The Harvest Dance is a Reality Shift short story written by Jo Ramsey and published by Jupiter Gardens Press. It is part of the Reality Shift series and is best read as an integrated part of the story rather than a standalone.

What is there to like?

The unique way spirit guides are portrayed. It would have been nice if more of what they were and looked like had been explained in this short story.

What could have been better?

The writing was good. The point of view was first person, not my favorite, and included a vast amount of dialogue. It would have been better if a greater balance between “show don’t tell” had been done. Because this short story carried heavy on dialogue it was hard for me to care for the protagonist and the overall point of the story.


A free short story that served to help showcase the writing style of the author, but failed to attract interest to the overall storyline. Read the main books before trying to tackle The Harvest Dance.

Wrong Turn (The Shenandoah Pack Book One) by Taylor Law

Book Review



Short description

After a long, hard year, Jessie decides to take a vacation to visit his friend. On the way, he has an accident and loses his memory. Xander is a wolf shifter and saves Jessie’s life, only to realize Jess is his mate. Xander has been in the closet his whole life. Coming out may be harder than ever because not only does he have to tell everyone he is gay, but he has to tell his mate he’s part wolf too. Since Jessie can’t remember who he is, Xander has to take a chance on a man who may have a life waiting for him somewhere – a life that doesn’t include him.

Who wrote it and what’s it about?

Wrong Turn is a short story about shape shifters and finding one’s mate in the least expected circumstances. It was written by LGBT erotic romance author, Taylor Law, for the M/M Romance Group over at Goodreads. The short story was later revised and reformatted for publication.

What is there to like?

The potential of the story and development of the author. The first scene in the story was well written and served to grab the attention of the reader.

What could have been better?

A few more edits and revisions could have turned this story to an enjoyable read. Other than the first scene and another scene towards the end, the writing was poor. It gave the impression that the story was written by two different authors or at two different intervals. The language and manner of speech changed drastically from the first scene.


A gay romance story with great promise to only fall short after the first scene. Even then this is the first published work of the author and a free read. I only advise to read this book if you have great patience and tolerance for writing of this kind. I was tempted more than once to put the book down and I almost did. There is a lot of room for improvement and I will be reading more of this author’s works if only to see how her writing grows. I have already downloaded her second book, My Lord’s Judgement, after reading the excerpt included in Wrong Turn.

Hope you enjoyed this year’s first book review. As part of this year’s resolutions I hope to have more books to recommend, share, and review. And if you haven’t checked out my online series The Five Kingdoms of Severi Book One. I have posted an excerpt of the first chapter of the third season in my previous post.

November Free eBook Spotlight

Though it’s the last day of November, I couldn’t let the month end without another enticing free e-book spotlight. This time it is a book that I have in my collection and in my to-read-list, Beauty touched the Beast by Skye Warren.

beauty touched the beast


Erin cleans Mr. Morris’s house twice a week, soaking up every moment with the reclusive ex-soldier she secretly loves. Blake Morris knows he’s scarred both inside and out and is no good for the beautiful young woman who cleans his house to pay for college. But when Erin walks in on Blake touching himself and moaning her name, all bets are off.

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Author Website

Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite of all the Disney movies and the reason why I downloaded this story. For those who need a little more than a spicy cover, this short erotic story deals with lovers finding refuge with each other. It is also a great way to try out this author if you have never read any of her writing before.

Would love to hear what you think of this story and hope you enjoyed this month’s free e-book spotlight. See you all next month.

Chains by Rowan McBride

Book Review



Short description

There are many dungeons within the castle, and Saiven–the seventh son of a vicious king–has seen them all. But one was special. One had always stood empty. Until now.

Extended description

A new prisoner has been brought to the castle. They say he’s a warrior. They call him a demon. They whisper that he can grant wishes.

Saiven can’t resist. He sneaks into the secluded dungeon to see, but the man chained to the wall is not what he expects. Smiling. Teasing. He introduces himself as Faolan, and Saiven is caught.

This…man. He makes Saiven feel things he should not feel. Draws forth confessions that were meant to stay secret. Faolan freely grants him warmth and laughter. But now…

Now it’s time to find out if Saiven is strong enough to earn a wish.

Who wrote it and what’s it about?

Chains, a short erotic story written by Rowan McBride, deals with a curious prince and a special prisoner. It is a story that deals with forbidden love and desires. About overcoming your fears and giving in to what you want.

What is there to like?

The writing is well written and the twist at the end is quite enjoyable.

What could have been better?

As with all short stories, characterization isn’t a strong point. Would have loved a sequel.


Worth the read and steamy. But keep in mind it is a BL story meaning male/male relations.


Hope you enjoyed this brief review and the different format used. Wanted to keep things fresh for this book review. Apologies for the tardiness, been quite busy with the third and final season of my online series the Five Kingdoms of Severi Book One.