To Be Read Pile


We thought it was time we posted one up. The list is not in any order and will be updated from time to time. Do keep in mind that there will be many book reviews on titles that might never be listed here.

  • MER: The Captain’s Secret by Jade M. Phillips (Finished)
  • Tail of the Dragon by Sultry Summers (Reading)
  • The Secret by Taryn A. Taylor
  • The Sound and the Echoes by Dew Pellucid
  • Time For a Duke by Ruth J. Hartman
  • Bounty’s End by AJ Williams
  • The Pendulum: Legacy of the Celtic Brooch by Tarah Scott
  • Alien Deceptions by Regina Paul
  • Greasy Boy by P.L. Ripley
  • Touched by Darkness by Catherine Spangler
  • Touched by Fire by Catherine Spangler
  • True Colors by Melissa Pearl
  • Elfblood by Kyra Dune (Reading)
  • Claimed by Evangeline Anderson
  • NightmarZ: Parfait (Z Series) by Irma Geddon
  • The Practical Guide to Trying Not to Die by Sam Schooler
  • Blood Web by Gary Starta
  • Turning Pages by Tristi Pinkston
  • Vidal’s Honor by Sherry Gloag
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