The Collector by Amanda Meuwissen

Book Review



When the Devil’s Collector of souls begins to encounter murder victims near his targets, he must seek help from human contacts and other Collectors to solve the crimes before the killer starts to hunt him.

The Collector is written by Amanda Meuwissen and published by BigWorldNetwork. The story centers on Adam, the first person to ever sell his soul to the Devil. He is a collector of souls for those whose contracts have expired. Dead bodies start to appear near his targets. At first he ignores them, convincing himself that it has nothing to do with him, but when obvious messages start to appear along with the corpses he can’t ignore them any longer.

The race is on. Not only does Adam have to try and solve who is behind the crimes, but now he has to collect the souls of those whose contracts are up before the killer does it for him. The action starts off strong and never slows down. And with many twists and turns in every chapter The Collector packs a punch.

The plot, the characters, the pace, everything in the story works. From Adam, the protagonist, to Malax, Jab, and Wade, each character is real and gritty. Their troubles, situations, and relationships to one another carries the story forward.  If that alone isn’t enough, every chapter has a cliffhanger. Some are more intense than others, but cliffhangers that grab you and force you to keep reading.

From angst, to intrigue and suspense, this book has it all. It provides just enough hints and clues to keep you on your toes. The kicker comes at the end. And don’t forget the epilogue, an ending to the ending. This story comes with a big fat bow that you can’t help but unwrap again and again.

I loved every minute of it.

The Collector is the first serialization I have read by Amanda Meuwissen and it was not a disappointment. If I had to regret anything it was that I didn’t read it sooner.

Sum it up: A modern paranormal tale that has you guessing.

What I liked most: The epilogue. The ending was good, but I was still fighting back the desire to yell out No! The epilogue turned that ‘no’ into a very satisfied grin. 

What I liked the least: That it wasn’t longer.

Would I read the sequel(s)? In a heartbeat! But sadly no sequel has been written. I am however highly anticipating Amanda’s other book titled Incubus now available in eBook and print format.


Though this story didn’t have romance per say it still carried all the other wonderful elements that make it a must read. There is a mention of a past romance that plays a great deal of importance to the story. Hope you found this review interesting to read nonetheless and excuse my lateness on it. I couldn’t stop fanning over the story’s ending to concentrate on something smart to say about it.


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